FastX: The First Remote Linux Solution in the Cloud

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FastX displays your remote Linux desktops faster than any other X Windows emulator, especially over Internet connections. FastX is an easy-to-use and affordable client-served based X11 emulator, the only one that allows you to connect to a remote Linux server using any browser.

Why FastX:

Linux in your Browser

Linux in a Browser

Only FastX gives you the option of using any standard web browser to connect you to your remote Linux sessions (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). FastX also works on mobile browsers, so you can check in from your smart phone or tablet.

Competitive Evaluation

Competitive Evaluation

In head-to-head tests, using 6 common network bandwidth and latency scenarios, FastX meets or out performs our top competitors, Exceed OnDemand and VNC. FastX offers the only productive user experience over long distance and low bandwidth connections. Learn more about how FastX compares with Exceed OnDemand.

Session Reconnect

Session Reconnect

FastX connections are persistent, you can reconnect to your session after a network failure or unplanned reboot of your workstation. Users can also suspend their sessions, disconnect their PC and resume the session at a later time from any device.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Remote X has never been easier to use. When you type the Linux server name in the browser's URL field, the FastX user interface will come up and you can access your existing sessions or even create a new one.

Fastest Remote Linux Display

Fastest Remote
Linux Display

FastX displays your remote Linux or Unix desktops or individual X applications faster than any other solution over both LAN and WAN connections. You can work on demanding graphic applications (EDA tools) when connecting over VPN to servers even thousands of miles away.

Load Balancing/Fault Tolerance

Load Balancing/
Fault Tolerance

FastX supports running sessions in clusters of load-balanced servers. Administrators can generate usage reports for each server, including server load. A powerful fault tolerance capability ensures connections to remote servers are never lost.

Dynamic Window Scaling

Dynamic Window Scaling

Our users love that FastX allows for quick resizing of the remote Linux desktop on their PC. You can even spread it across multiple monitors. FastX is the only solution that allows for this dynamic window rescaling.

    Additional Features

  • Desktop or Single Application - FastX displays full-size Linux/Unix desktops. You can also display a single application in a rootless window on your Windows or Mac desktop.
  • Secure Connections - When operating in the browser, FastX transmits data using SSL. The FastX client uses SSH. Multi-layer authentication is supported in the browser, including the use of random access code generators like Google Token.
  • Copy/Paste - FastX supports copy/paste of data to and from the remote Linux application and Windows/Mac applications on the PC.
  • Remote Console - The FastX Linux client allows users who have Linux-based workstations to suspend and resume their workstation root desktop window. Then they can re-display their office Linux desktop to any other computer.
  • OpenGL/3D Rendering - FastX supports the remote rendering of OpenGL-based Linux and Unix applications.
  • Universal Keyboard Selection - Automatically configures FastX to the right keyboard for any language.

Licensing Options

The FastX Server comes with a built-in license server. We offer two licensing options:

  • Named Users- In case of a 25-user license, the license server automatically registers the first 25 unique users who can use FastX. Those users can then connect from any Windows, Linux or Mac to the license server.
  • Concurrent Users- The license server allows up to the amount of licenses purchased to be connected at a given time (i.e. a 25 user license can have 25 users at once). Concurrent licenses can reduce the cost per use by 40-70% since many organizations have only a small staff that uses the PC X server at a given time. A small premium is added to the cost of concurrent licenses.

Supported Platforms

  • Server- FastX supports most Linux distributions equivalent to Red Hat 5.9 and higher. This includes RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, debian, Ubuntu and others.
  • Client- We offer a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux. No licensing is needed for the client.

FastX also allows users to connect via their web browser, without any plug-in requirements. Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, including mobile.