FastX is just like its name...FAST!!

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FastX is a simple and affordable X Windows terminal emulator. FastX allows you to connect over the Internet and work on your remote Linux desktop at LAN speed. Even the most graphics-rich design engineering applications like Cadence Virtuoso display as if you are working on the local console.
Learn more about how FastX compares to X-Win32 in our FAQ.

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FastX Pro

FastX Pro offers the additional ability of server load balancing and redundancy (fault-tolerance). You can either set up multiple load-balanced dedicated FastX servers or install FastX Pro on multiple load-balanced application hosts.

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Check out the cost, performance and feature comparison between FastX and Exceed OnDemand.[...]


Top Notch

FastX was developed around a streamlined protocol, offering unprecedented performance over LAN and WAN connections. You can now quickly and smoothly display demanding graphics displays, such as EDA tools(Cadence, Mentor, etc.) and 3D OpenGL imaging (Catia).



FastX Connections are persistent, so you can reconnect to FastX sessions after a network failure or an unplanned reboot of the Windows workstation. Users can also suspend their sessions, disconnect their PC and resume the session at a later time or from another PC.

Desktop or Single

FastX displays both remote Linux/Unix desktops and individual applications in rootless windows or in Single Window Mode.

Multiple Platforms

FastX clients can be installed on Windows XP and above, Macintosh, and Linux installations are available upon request.

FastX Servers are available for 32 & 64 bit RedHat 5 & 6, Ubuntu, and SuSE servers

Simple to Use

FastX is simple to install and even simpler to use. We even have a non-root server package so anyone can test FastX. Just download the FastX server from the browser on the remote Linux system. See instructions on installing the root or the non-root FastX server here.

Low Cost

FastX is a much lower cost solution than $624 for Exceed OnDemand.* (both include one year of maintenance).

Exceed OnDemand requires a minimum purchase of 5 copies at $684 each. Both products offer volume discounts.