X-Win32: The Best PC X Server for X Windows Display on Your LAN

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After nearly 25 years of development, X-Win32 is the most versatile PC X Server for displaying remote Unix and Linux desktops and individual X applications. X-Win32 is widely used in demanding engineering design sectors such as defense/aerospace, molecular biology, and IC design with applications like Cadence Virtuoso.

X-Win32 remains the simplest X11 emulator for 32- and 64-bit Windows PCs. With a list price of $285.00, it is also the most affordable solution. Click the button below to download a free trial version of X-Win32 and receive a 30-day license key.

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X-Win32 or

X-Win32 serves LAN-based users with XDMCP, REXEC and SSH connections. FastX is a client-server solution designed for customers who need fast, secure and persistent connections over the Internet. Check out our FAQ for more information. If you need both products, special pricing is available.

Flash Install Capability


X-Win32 can be installed on Windows computers as well as on USB flash drives, adding great mobility to the product. Users can access their remote Unix and Linux applications from a variety of PCs by booting X-Win32 from a flash drive. Pre-configured sessions are also stored on the flash drive.

Competitive Evaluation


X-Win32 has compateted successfully with OpenText's Exceed for more than 20 years. X-Win32 meets or beats Exceed in ease of use, cost, performance, security and productivity features. Check out our cost and feature comparison between X-Win32 and Exceed.



Best Security

X-Win32 comes with an integrated SSH that encrypts all data between the client and the server, making remote x terminal connections from home and elsewhere very secure.


Fastest 3D

The hardware acceleration on the local PC and the implementation of 65 OpenGL extensions allow X-Win32 to offer the fastest OpenGL support in the industry. 3D applications like Catia and Eclipse work like they were running locally.

Copy and Paste

Copy & Paste

X-Win32 is the only PC X Server that offers integrated copying of both text and graphics from X applications into Windows.

Multiple Desktops

Multiple X

With X-Win32, open remote Unix and Linux desktops from several different hosts at the same time. You can Alt-Tab between Unix, Linux and Windows desktops, even copy data from one host to another


64-bit Windows

X-Win32 is not just for 32-bit Windows, it works equally well on 64-bit systems as our installer is optimized for both platforms.

Dynamic Scaling

Window Scaling

X-Win32 is the first PC X server having activated the RandRextension, you can now scale the remote desktop simply by grabbing the corner of the window and dragging it to the desired size. You can also scale the window to be larger than your actual monitor.

  • Universal Keyboard Selection: Automatically configures X-Win32 to the right keyboard for any language.
  • Session Folders: Sort your sessions by host, project, or any other way and save them into named session folders.
  • Password Updating: Host access passwords frequently change for security reasons.
  • XML Based Session Settings: Most PC X servers still use the problem-plagued system registry. X-Win32 sessions are stored in XML files that can easily be edited.
  • 29 Languages: X-Win32 offers localization for 29 languages.
  • Render Extension: Improves the display quality of Linux applications.
  • Simple User Interface: X-Config offers many conveniences in the session configuration not found in any other PC X server.
  • Automatic Display Address Mode: Sets @MYIP@ to the local address that was used to contact the remote machine, eliminating the need to select a different display address in X-Config, resulting in fewer session connection problems.
  • Desktop Shortcuts: With a single click, create a desktop shortcut for your remote X sessions.
  • Session Autostart: You can store sessions in the "AutoStart" folder. Whenever X-Win32 is launched, these sessions are started automatically.
  • Multiple Monitor Support: Display your remote desktop over multiple monitors or display different remote and local desktops on different monitors.
  • ipv6: Compatible for all session types.
  • Section 508 compliant

StarNet's X-Win32 software products are X-Window server software programs that remotely display the interface of third party X-Window applications and enable the user to interact with those applications. While StarNet has made every reasonable effort to ensure that X-Win32 user interface elements are 508 compliant, we cannot be responsible for third party applications or the 508 compliance of the X-Window protocol. Please note that the table below applies only to X-Win32 user interface components.

Section 508 Requirement StarNet's X-Win32
(a) When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard, product functions shall be executable from a keyboard where the function itself or the result of performing a function can be discerned textually. X-Win32 provides keyboard equivalents for all actions.
(b) Applications shall not disrupt or disable activated features of other products that are identified as accessibility features, where those features are developed and documented according to industry standards. Applications also shall not disrupt or disable activated features of any operating system that are identified as accessibility features where the application programming interface for those accessibility features had been documented by the manufacturer of the operating system and is available to the product developer. X-Win32 does not interfere with the accessibility features built into the operating system.
(c) A well-defined on-screen indication of the current focus shall be provided that moves among interactive interface elements as the input focus changes. The focus shall be programmatically exposed so that assistive technology can track focus and focus changes. X-Win32 provides visual focus indicators through the standard functions built into the operating system. (Except for the host-controlled cursor in any host-controlled client area).
(d) Sufficient information about a user interface element including the identity, operation and state of the element shall be available to assistive technology. When an image represents a program element, the information conveyed by the image must also be available in text. X-Win32 provides information about the user interface objects.
(e) When bitmap images are used to identify controls, status indicators, or other programmatic elements, the meaning assigned to those images shall be consistent throughout an application's performance. X-Win32 uses consistent images to identify controls.
(f) Textual information shall be provided through operating system functions or displaying text. The minimum information that shall be made available is text content, text input caret location, and text attributes. X-Win32 provides text through standard system function calls or through an application programming interface which supports interaction and assistive technology.
(g) Applications shall not override user selected contrast and color selections and other individual display attributes. The X-Win32 user interface inherit system settings for font, size and color. They support system settings for high contrast for all user interface controls. (Except for the client area which is controlled by a remote host).
(h) When animation is displayed, the information shall be displayable in at least one non-animated presentation mode at the option of the user. X-Win32 does not use animation in the user interface. (except when the host application requires it).
(i) Color coding shall not be used as the only means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element. X-Win32 does not use color as an enhancement to convey information or indicate an action.
(j) When a product permits a user to adjust color and contrast settings, a variety of color selections capable of producing a range of contrast levels shall be provided. X-Win32 provides a variety of color selections capable of producing a range of contrast levels.
(k) Software shall not use flashing or blinking text, objects, or other elements having a flash or blink frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. X-Win32 does not use blinking text, objects or other elements. (Except when the host application requires it).
(l) When electronic forms are used, the form shall allow people using assistive technology to access the information, field elements, and functionality required for completion and submission of the form, including all directions and cues. Not applicable. X-Win32 does not use forms.

X-Win32 offers three licensing options: Node-Locked, License Server with Named Users, and License Server with Concurrent Users:

Node-Locked Single Licenses

These license require a one-time online registration. The license is tied to the PC hardware, usually the serial number of the Ethernet card. Node-locked licenses are shipped standard on purchases of single licenses.

License Server with Named Users

StarNet' offers administrators license servers that can be installed on Linux or Windows systems (including VMs and Citrix and Window terminal servers). The license server is based on the Reprise License Manager (RLM) from Reprise Software (www.reprisesoftware.com). In case of --for example-- a 25 user license, the license server automatically registers the first 25 unique users who connect to the license server. Those users can then connect from any Windows, Linux or Mac to the license server.

License Server with Concurrent Users

In this case the license server allows anyone to connect to the license server, but it only allows for a maximum number of concurrent users (25 in our example) to connect at the same time. Conncurrent licenses can reduce the cost per use by as much as 40-70% since many organizations only have a small number of staff that needs to use the PC X server at a given time. A small premium is added to the cost of concurrent licenses.

System Requirements:

  • Download Size: 47 MB
  • Installed Size: 88 MB

Supported OS Platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Citrix/Windows Terminal Server