FastX Server/Browser Client Release Notes

2.4 Build 007 October 23, 2017 Fixed a regression with bookmarks not appearing after install Fixed sorting of cluster members 2.4 Build 006 October 17, 2017 Fixed a crash when bad data sent from the running session to the web … Continued

FastX Desktop Client Release Notes

Build 2.0.110 October 5, 2017 Linux Client: Fixed issue with connecting using SSH Improved behavior in multiple window mode Mac Client: Fixed SSH connection issue on High Sierra Build 2.0.108 August 16, 2017 Fixed issues with multiple window mode menus … Continued

FastX Release Notes

Desktop Client build 90 April 18, 2017 Integrators can connect to FastX sessions from the command line Fixed error dialog when scheduling sessions updated libraries Mac keyboard fixes Japanese Keyboard fixes Fixed issues with screenshot refreshes config/metrics.d moved to var/metrics … Continued