Where are my Host Ids

In order to activate a license, you need a valid host ID. Clients on closed networkds may need to manually generate their license using the host id and order information.

  1. Find the host ID on your system
    RLM License Server
  2. Register the license by going to license.starnet.com/activate and entering in your hostid and activation key


  1. Start X-Win32
  2. Right Click on the system tray icon
  3. Select Help > About

Host Ids are on the lower right hand corner
X-Win32 Host Id


  1. Start FastX
  2. Select Help > About FastX

Host Ids are on the right hand side
FastX Host Id

RLM License Server

  1. Install the RLM license server
  • From the Command Line:
    1. cd to the RLM directory
    2. From a shell, run the command: rlmutil rlmhostid
  • From the Web Interface:
    1. Connect to the Web Interface at http://localhost:5054
    2. Click on system info
      Host Ids are at the bottom
      The host id to use is the Ethernet hostid
      rlm host id