Self-signed Certificates

In order to facilitate users running quickly, the web service install script creates self-signed certificates. Self signed certificates pose potential security risks as anyone can generate a self signed certificate and pose as the web server. They should not be used in a production environment.

Each browser treat self-signed certificate differently. Certain Browsers will accept self-signed certificates by default while others will reject them. We have documented how to trust a self-signed certificate during the testing phase of FastX.

Installing a self-signed certificate on Firefox
Installing a self-signed certificate on Safari
Installing a self-signed certificate on Chrome

When you are ready for production, obtain a trusted SSL certificate from a Trusted Certificate Authority.
Install the private key and certificate in on your server /usr/lib/fastx2/www/server/certs

Then set the path to the certificate in /usr/lib/fastx2/config/www.json
www.json.example is provided for you as reference

Restart the web service as root: service fastx restart