FastX Advanced Features

FastX builds on the features our users have grown to enjoy, while adding tools necessary for fast & secure global enterprise deployments.

FastX Clustering Support

Comm Channel: A FastX Exclusive

FastX introduced the "ClientComm Channel" (Comm Channel) that can be used to send messages between the FastX session on the remote Linux server and a FastX client (desktop or browser) on the PC workstation. This channel allows messages to be sent from a custom (user-defined script on the server to the client. Depending on the message type, the client can break out of the core protocol and execute applications on the client OS.

Example Use Cases:

  • Alerts (pop-up messages) on the client window, outside of the x11 desktop.
  • Opening a browser window on the client (useful when the session server does not have Internet access).
  • Session sharing support.
  • File transfer.
  • Any application where a user wants to click on a button in the Linux session and have it effect the client.
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Clustering Support

Link up multiple FastX servers across a network creating a cluster of servers that can distribute the workload across the entire cluster.

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Job Scheduling

Integrate professional job schedulers (MOAB, slurm, lsf...) directly into FastX for full featured job scheduling capabilities.

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Simplified Configuration Management

All configuration is shared across the cluster, simplifying deployment of new systems. When a new system comes online it is added to the cluster and automatically configured.

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Single Sign On

FastX adds OpenID Connect support as an authentication method allowing users to integrate with online identity managers, providing seamless single sign on.

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API Filters and Session Events

Set up functions to log, change or disable API calls. Advanced users can even use these functions to add custom functionality to FastX when a user tries to execute an action. A simple use case: Email the system administrator when a session terminates. More advanced use case: Resume a suspended VM before connecting to it saving processing power and money. With the ability to customize FastX, the possibilities are limitless.

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Load Balancing Support

Load balancing is the ability to select which server to connect to and where to start new sessions. System administrators are free to create load balancing scripts of any metric need. Custom metrics and static data are also available, allowing high precision load balancing scenarios.

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