CandC timeout while waiting for checkout result [candc]

This means that the license checkout request timed out.  This can happen if you have a license server on the network.

This error is rare and should not happen in normal operation.  This is usually a symptom of a different issue on your system.

  • have an extremely slow network (unlikely)
  • the license server is overloaded (and thus slow)
  • there is a networking error trying to connect out from the FastX server to the network

Temporary Fixes

Increase the TIMEOUT

By default the license timeout is set to 10.  You can extend the license timeout by setting the RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT environment variable. The FastX Web Server will send its environment to the session.

Change the hostname in the license file to the IP address

In case of a DNS issue, you can use the ip address to connect to the license server


If you have multiple license files, FastX will choose a license file and try to connect.  If it fails it will move to the next.  The order itself is not guaranteed (but typically alphabetical).  

This may cause the temporary fixes to fail (or more accurately, you will need to set the RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT to some really really large number rendering the quick fix useless)