Disabling Maintenance Renewal Reminders

X-Win32 displays maintenance renewal messages as a reminder that X-Win32’s upgrade coverage is about to end. We display this message to the end user because we find that the users of X-Win32 are often not those responsible for renewing the maintenance contract and users have reported that it is helpful for them to know when the contract is up for renewal so that they can remind those in charge of renewing the contract.

However, we realize that in large deployments of X-Win32 this reminder may generate unnecessary help desk calls, so we have several work-arounds for disabling the maintenance renewal reminders:

Version 8.0 and later

The maintenance renewal reminder is now placed in the XServer.uo file in the Application Data folder


  1. Edit the file in notepad
  2. It should look like this

  3. <UserOptions>

  4. Change the Date in the NextMaintenanceRemind tag to a later date (For example, change the year to 2100)

Version 7.1

  1. The reminder is shown 10 times, then it stops showing automatically; thus, you can simply wait until the 11th time, then the reminder should not reappear
  2. If you click the link on the reminder form, then the reminder is no longer shown
  3. You can disable the reminder altogether by editing the registry and adding the following key:
    1. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StarNet\X-Win32
    2. Add a REG_DWORD value called ShowMaintenanceCheckbox and set the value to zero (0)