Failover License Server

  1. Install rlm and your ISV server on the failover license server node See RLM License Server Installation for more information
  2. Copy all license files from the Primary Server and install them on the Failover Server
  3. Edit the license file with the rlm_failover license (StarNet will provide when requested) to put the hostname of the primary server in the _primary_server= field, and the hostname of the failover license server on the HOST line
  4. Install any ISV options in an options file, and make it accessible to the ISV server either through it’s license file or by giving it the default options filename of isv.opt
  5. Ensure that rlm will process all the license files above, and start rlm

Deploying to End Users

Create the primary license

Create a File with the following text:

HOST primary 00000000 port

primary is the name (or IP address) of your primary license server.
port is the port number of the primary server (usually 5053).

Save this file as license.lic. Delete the existing file of that name from the end user’s license directory, or folder with the executable program, and place this file there.

Create the failover license

Create a 2nd file with the following text:

HOST failover 00000000 port

failover is the name of your failover server
port is the port number of the failover server (typically 5053)

Save this file as failover.lic and place it in same directory as the license.lic file.