FastX 3 Installation

**Please click here for FastX 2 Installation**


RPM Based Systems (Red Hat/SuSE etc)

The following instructions assume an installation in the default /usr directory.  If you would like to install the server in a different location see these instructions

yum install -y FastX3.*rpm
  • Then run the post install script (as root) with the command
    (Note: set the FASTX2 variable if you are upgrading a FastX 2 installation.)
FASTX2=/your/fastx2/installdir/ /usr/lib/fastx/3/

Upgrading FastX

  • After downloading the FastX Server, use the command:

yum install -y FastX3*.rpm

  • Run the post install script:
    (This will restart the FastX (“fastx3”) service.)


Uninstalling FastX

  • To uninstall use the command

yum erase FastX3

Installing using RPM in an alternate location

The FastX server rpm supports installs in alternate locations. This is helpful when admins want to install the server in a shared directory, or a specific location for 3rd party applications. In the following example, the FastX server will be installed in /your/base/dir

rpm -i --prefix=/your/base/dir FastX3-*.rpm
  • Run the post install script (as root)
FASTX2=/your/fastx2/installdir/ /your/base/dir/lib/fastx/3/

Ubuntu/Debian Based Systems

  • Install alien package installer
sudo apt-get install alien
sudo alien --install --scripts FastX3-*.rpm
  • Run the post install script (as root)
sudo FASTX2=/your/fastx2/installdir/ /usr/lib/fastx/3/

Installation on Multiple Debian Hosts

  • Download the FastX Server rpm file.
  • Install alien.
  • Convert the FastX Server rpm file to a deb file:
    alien –scripts FastX3-*.rpm
    (Note, this step may take a long time.)
  • Install resulting FastX3*.deb file on as many servers as you need.

Uinstalling FastX

sudo dpkg -r fastx3

Additional Information