FastX 3.3 Desktop Client Release Notes

Release Channel: 3.3.20

Early Access Channel: 3.3.60


  • Case 92645: “Don’t show this again” checkbox added.
    When connecting to a FastX server running in failsafe mode, a notification is sent saying: “FastX web server is not running. Some features may be limited or not available.”
    Now there is a “Don’t show this again” checkbox added to this dialog, which will suppress notifications until the connection is edited.
  • Creating a new connection with a name that includes one or more of the characters ‘/’, “<“, “>”, “&”, “*”, or “\” now works.

3.3.58 (Windows Only)

  • The version of plink.exe included is now from Putty version 0.78. This version supports some additional features including a better way to handle jump hosts.
  • Case 92517: The plinkOptions field from the Advanced tab in the connection dialog is now properly loaded and saved.
  • When creating new connections, the file in which the connection is saved is named after the connection name. Some characters, including “<” and “>” are not allowed in a Windows file name, so these are now mapped to legal characters.
  • Case 92266:  Use the Windows scroll wheel settings to control the speed of the scroll wheel.


  • Case 92027: Clean up connection to server
  • Case 89216: Parent widget has no borders.
  • Case 89517: Trigger a resize after fullscreen clicked.
  • Remove debug libraries
  • Case 92292: Add Window Mode to Applications in desktop client.
  • Case 92168 Compose message did not refresh surfaces in MWM


  • Case 92197: FastX Web Connect: include default icon
  • Case 92168: “Compose” optimization added (but disabled by default until further testing)


  • Support for compose rendering
  • Case 92116: Removed params-form/list error
  • The accel features can be selected with the server environment variable FASTX_ACCEL=glyphs,copyarea
  • The compose capability can be enabled with the environment variable FX_COMPOSE


  • Case 92098: Fixed crash on session terminate caused by session start forms.
  • Case 92115: Fixed crash on session terminate when connecting with HTTPS.
  • Case 92142: Allow self signed certificates in SAML.
  • Text display performance enhancement
  • Case 92117: Set default performance settings when connecting with HTTPS.


  • Case 92117: Show the server-defined performance settings for HTTPS connections. (They were already showing in SSH connections.)
  • Case 92105: MacOS: Show the prompts for params in the dialog that shows when requested by the server for session start.


  • Case 92098: Fix a crash that could happen when a connection tab was closed when the associated SSH connection remained open.
  • Case 92081: Remove the RFX codec
  • Case 92054, 92085: Change “bookmark” to “application”
  • Case 92042: Use the default forms when starting a session without using a bookmark


  • Changed Bookmarks text to Applications


  • Case 92034: Set mac deployment target to 10.13.6
  • Case 92033: Prompt message sticks unless Remember checked


  • FastX uri added allows seamless connection from the web interface to the desktop client
  • Popup dialog available when a user attempts to close the last window of a session
  • Diagnostics windows are available on Mac