FastX Sessions Events

This section is accessible by logging into FastX as an administrator through a web browser. Select the Admin icon after login.

Events are fired off when some action happens in a session. Use Events to integrate FastX into your current workflow.

Click the button to create a new Event.

  • API – Select API to create.
  • Script – Javascript function that will be executed.  The script is executed immediately before the event is fired.  Throwing an error in the script will make the api call fail with an error.  You can use this to prevent users/actions from occurring.
function(input) {
   return input;

Input Object

   "action":  "API ACTION",
   "token": WEB_TOKEN,
   "login": "username",
   "session": SESSION_OBJECT /* if there is an associated session */


Return the Input Object.  The input object can be modified in the javascript function. (for example, changing the command in a start script)

*Templates are provided by clicking on the Template drop down.