Installing Licenses for multiple users

In order to make X-Win32 compatible out of the box with Windows Vista, the license.config file is no longer stored in C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32\ after version 8.2

Microsoft Vista does not allow direct access to the Program Files folder and creates Virtual Folder Mockups when trying to connect. In previous versions before 8.2, a user would install his license on Vista and then would be prompted to reinstall the license on restart of X-Win32.

Install a license for all users

    1. Install the X-Win32 license.
    2. Copy the License file from it’s current location and place it in

C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32 version

  • Version 2011: Individual user licenses are stored in
    • Windows XP:
      %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet\X-Win32\license.lic
    • Windows Vista, 7: %localappdata%\StarNet\X-Win32\license.lic
  • Version 2010 and below: Individual user licenses are stored in

Now all users on the system will be able to access the license

Add a license for all Users at Installation Time

Licenses can be added at installation time via the msi installer.