Integrate a Floating License into msi File

When creating silent installation packages with msi, it may be preferable to integrate the floating license into the msi file directly instead of adding it as a command line parameter using msiexec. Power users with an msi editing utility (such as orca) can use follow these steps to integrate the license as one package.

X-Win32 2012 and higher

    To get the license server into the installation, please run a post-install routine that creates a new license file. The license file needs to have an extension of .LIC, and be located in “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\StarNet\X-Win32 21”.

    We recommend using the host name of the license server as the file name. Users should not overwrite the existing license.lic because that will make the MSI think the installation is corrupt.

X-Win32 2011

  1. Open the msi file in orca
  2. Search for the Table IsSearchReplace
  3. In the license.lic row, replace [LICENSE] with “HOST hostname_of_your_license_server”
  4. Save your msi file.
  5. Install your msi


X-Win32 2010

  1. Open the msi file in orca
  2. Search for the Table Component
  3. In the License.config row, delete the Condition: SERIAL <> “”
  4. Search for the Table ISXmlElement
  5. Find the Row ISXmlElement2
  6. In the Content column, delete [SERIAL] and replace with your floating license (make sure that the floating license contains no new line characters before replacing)
  7. Save your msi file.
  8. Install your msi