Linux License Server Installation

Supported Platform

Linux x86 (64-bit)


Port Settings

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1. Download the RLM License Server package for Linux 64-bit:

2. Extract the rlm.x64_l.tar.gz to /opt/rlm with the command

tar xvpfC rlm.x64_l.tar.gz /opt

(Note: This will create the directory /opt/rlm. You may put rlm in a different directory if you wish.)

3. Run the install script:


Running the INSTALL script will:

  1. Create a “rlm” user to run the service, if there isn’t already such a user. The user will have the home directory /opt/rlm and will not have interactive logins enabled. If you want to use a different user, edit the INSTALL script.
  2. Install the “rlm” service. If your system already has a service named rlm, don’t run the INSTALL script.
  3. Start the rlm service.

To start serving licenses from this license server, copy your *.lic (license) files into /opt/rlm and run /opt/rlm/rlmutil rlmreread.

Note: The RLM License Server installs with an interactive webpage, please go to the following URL


The service has 2 logins: “user” and “admin”. The “user” user has no password and can see the status of the license server. The “admin” user can configure the license server, but is disabled. To enable the “admin” user:

  1. Edit the file /opt/rlm/
  2. In the “admin” line, remove the ‘*’ so the 2nd (password) field is blank.
  3. Using the URL above, login to the license server as “admin” (with no password).
  4. Click “Change Password” and enter the new admin password.

If you need to reset the admin password, simply edit the file again.

The Reprise Software company periodically releases new versions of the RLM license manager. If you wish to upgrade early, you can download the RLM License Administration Bundle directly from the RLM License Server Website (below) and overwrite the files in /opt/rlm. The file “starnet.set” and your license files need to remain.


Files and Reference

RLM License Server Website
RLM License Server Admin Reference Manual