Registering X-Win32 with License Server

X-Win32 Registration

  • Manual Registration
  • Prompt X-Win32 Registration
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    X-Win32 Registration

    1. Select “License your copy by contacting a license server” when the X-Win32 License Wizard is prompted
    2. Enter the hostname (use localhost as hostname if X-Win32 is on the same machine as the license server) or IP of your license server and port number user (default 5053)


    Manual Registration

    1. Create a file called
    2. active.lic
    3. Add the line:
      HOST 00000000 is the hostname of your license server (the zeros are required)

      If X-Win32 is installed on the same machine as the license server, please use localhost as the hostname.

    4. Place this license file in the License Location directory or the install folder of X-Win32