Setting RLM Roaming licenses

The RLM License server has the ability to create ROAMING licenses which are floating licenses that can be used for several days without having to recontact the license server. This is the ideal solution for a “Roadwarrior” configuration where certain users do not always have easy access to the license server.

Installing RLM Roaming Licenses

StarNet will provide an RLM Roaming license file roam.lic to the customer.

  1. Distribute the roam.lic file to the end users who are allowed to roam
  2. Copy this file into one of the following directories. DO NOT use the License Wizard from X-Win32:
    • (For all users): The X-Win32 Installation directory
    • (Vista and 7 Users): %LOCALAPPDATA%\StarNet\X-Win32\
    • (XP Users): %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet\X-Win32\

Enabling Roaming

  1. From the Control Panel click the System Button
  2. (XP Users) Click on the Advanced Tab
    (Vista and 7) Click the Advanced System Settings link
  3. Click Environment Variables...
  4. Settings can be set on a per user or sytem wide basis
    Click New...
  5. Variable Name: RLM_ROAM
  6. Variable Value: Integer_number_of_days_you_want_to_roam
  7. Press OK to set the Environment variable
  8. Press OK on the Environment Variables Section to apply changes to your computer

Launching X-Win32

  1. Start X-Win32
  2. Right click on the system tray icon > Help > Checkout License
  3. You will now connect and get a roaming license

Checking in a Roaming License

Roaming licenses refresh their Roaming Period whenever X-Win32 is launched and the user can connect to the license server. If there are too many roaming licenses checked out, system administrators may want their users to check in their Roaming License. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Let the License Time Out

To disable future checkouts of the Roaming License:
Set the RLM_ROAM to 0 (or completely remove the RLM_ROAM environment variable)

The current Roaming License will continue to be valid until its expiration date.

Manually Check in the License

To force the license to be manually checked in before it expires (thus freeing up an extra Roaming License),

set RLM_ROAM to -1 and then launch X-Win32.
This will check in the license. Be sure to remove the RLM_ROAM environment variable after you have launched X-Win32 or subsequent starts will throw a licensing error and no licenses will be checked out.


For more information regarding Roaming Licenses including how to set the Maximum number of days a license can be checked out and limiting the number of Roaming Licenses available see the RLM End User Manual