Using a License Server across a firewall

If you want to serve licenses across a firewall, generally you will
need the license servers to have known port numbers in order to allow
your firewall to pass requests on these ports. The rlm server itself
is always at a known port number –typically 5053 (contained in the license file on the
SERVER or HOST line). Typically, rlm starts up all the ISV servers
with dynamic port numbers which are not known before startup time.

However, it is possible to have RLM assign fixed port numbers to any
of the ISV servers.

In order to do this, you need to specify the port
number for the ISV server on the ISV line in the license.lic file.

ISV starnet port=port-number

Once you have specified the port number, instruct your firewall to
allow connections to both the port number on the SERVER line (for rlm)
and the port numbers on any ISV lines.