X-Win32: X-Config – Network


The network can be configured to specify exactly how the DISPLAY environment can be configured.  A user can specify the IP address to use and which Display number to start at.  Sound support authentication can also be enabled for certain connections.



Display Address

Assigns the address that X clients will use


Sets the Display address to the IP address used by the local windows machine


IPSmart  is used to acquire and deliver the address of the X-server (your local workstation), instead of the firewall between your X-server and the remote host. This creates a direct, functional connection between your workstation and the remote host. The remote host receives the IP address of your workstation, instead of the firewall enabling you to seamlessly pass your computer’s display to the remote connection.  


Send the display to the IP address specified in the Override field.  An X server must be running on the system specified.


Base Display Number

Each X Server (X-Win32 or otherwise) listens on a Display Number.  With multiple X Severs on a host, this number is used to reference the proper X Server.   


Activate Sound Output

Enable Sound Support in XDMCP sessions

Allow all hosts to play Sound

All sounds sent to X-Win32 are automatically accepted and


Prompt for hosts

Prompt the user to allow sounds from a specific remote host

Use ESound Authentication only

Use hosts in esd_auth file only