X-Win32 Documentation


I have an older version of X-Win32. but I cannot display gnome or other Linux desktops. (I get a black display)

Gnome and other Linux desktops updated their x.org code which causes issues with older X Servers.  Please upgrade to the latest version of X-Win32 https://starnet.com/download/.

*Note newer applications such as Matlab may have this issue also.  

Where can I download older versions?

You can download older versions of FastX and X-Win32 by going to https://www.starnet.com/download/legacy.php.

Is FastX or X-Win32 impacted by the Log4j Vulnerability?

We confirm that FastX and X-Win32 are not impacted by the log4j vulnerability.

How to prompt the X-Win32 registration window?


How to register X-Win32 without internet?


How to transfer my license to a new PC?

Please contact StarNet Support for assistance.  Please include your license key when submitting a case. https://www.starnet.com/company/contact?who=support

How to restart SSH?


An application is not rendering correctly using an older version of Unix.

Please run X-Win32 in legacy mode: https://www.starnet.com/xwin32kb/legacy-mode/

What type of licensing is supported by X-Win32?

X-Win32 has two different type of licensing:

  • Node-locked licenses registers an individual PC.  Node-locked licenses uses the hostid of the PC to register. (license example: xxxxxx-xxxxxxx)
  • Concurrent (floating) licenses utilizes a RLM license server in order to manage the licensing. A license is used when a user successfully launches a session.  The license is freed once the user terminates all their sessions. (license example: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)

In X-Win32 19 or higher, how do I remove the session window option that appears after I start a session?

In X-Config under the “Window” tab, check box “Show X-Win32 menu in notification area“.  This will move X-Win32 from the task bar to the system tray after a session is launched.  Session window options are still available by right clicking on the X-Win32 icon in the system tray.

How to configure XDMCP?


Note: XMCP is unsecure and it is recommended to use X-Win32 Secure GNOME, KDE, CDE session or create an ssh desktop session.

The latest Matlab is now crashing.

Matlab updated their x.org code.  Please upgrade to X-Win32 19 or higher.