StarNet Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is a new currency based on an open source protocol and is independent of any central authority. Read more about it on Wikipedia or the Bitcoin Project site.

StarNet now accepts payment of quotes or online store purchases in bitcoin. Since we keep our books in USD, the amount of bitcoin (BTC) required to pay an order is calculated from the current USD/BTC exchange rate. The current exchange rate is used when you click the "Pay with bitcoin" button, and will remain with that order.

Bonus! For a limited time, we will add 10% to the exchange rate for Bitcoin purchases from our site. This means you will get an additional 10% discount simply by paying with Bitcoin.

To purchase with bitcoin, find the Pay with Bitcoin button on a StarNet quote or in the shopping cart. Clicking this button will show a window with a bitcoin address and a QR code to scan if you use a mobile bitcoin wallet. Pay the amount indicated to this address, and after your payment is verified, your order will automatically be entered into our system, as if you had paid with a credit card or PayPal.