X-Win32 Full Feature Set

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Feature More Information
Dynamic Window Scaling Use the mouse to drag the Linux/Unix desktop to the desired size.
Multiple Screens Set up and run different sessions in different tabs
Single Application Mode You don't need a full X desktop. Use rootless window mode to display X applications individually.
Multiple X Desktops Open multiple remote Unix and Linux desktops from different remote servers.
OpenGL Support X-Win32 accelerates OpenGL calls using the local graphics processor.
OpenGL with VirtualGL Allows for the display of OpenGL applications rendered on the remote server.
Secure Remote Desktop Pre-configured sessions for KDE, Gnome and CDE desktops over SSH.
FluxBox Window Manager X-Win32 ships with the FluxBox local window manager.


Feature More Information
Desktop Shortcuts With a single click, create a desktop shortcut for your remote X sessions.
Text/Graphics Copy/Paste Besides text, X-Win32 has a built-in screen capture tool for graphics.
Session Folders Sort your sessions by host, project, or any other way and save them into named session folders.
Session Wizard Setting up sessions is easy wth the session wizard.
Session Autostart You can store sessions in the "AutoStart" folder. Whenever X-Win32 is launched, these sessions start automatically.
Flash Drive Mode X-Win32 can be installed on standard USB/flash drives.
Multiple Monitor Support Display your remote desktop over multiple monitors or display different remote and local desktops on different monitors.
29 Languages X-Win32 offers localization for 29 languages.


Feature More Information
Kerberos/GSSAPI Support Both MIT and Windows Kerberos are supported.
Integrated SSH Module Our built-in SSH module automatically encrypts all data between client and server
Password Updating Update multiple host access passwords with a few clicks.
Authentication X Window authentication is used.
CAC Smart Card Authentication Use your smart card to authenticate.
Disable Clipboard Administrators can turn off clipboard support to prevent copy/paste.
FIPS Mode Users can turn on the FIPS-140 encryption mode required by federal agencies.


Feature More Information
Terminal Server Support Install X-Win32 on Windows and Citrix terminal servers.
IPV6 Compatible for all session types.
Section 508 compliant Learn More.
64-Bit Compatible X-Win32 is a 32-bit program that works on 64-bit Windows machines.
Windows XP to Windows 10 X-Win32 supports Windows XP through Windows 10.
Multiple License Options We offer concurrent and node-locked license options.
Fail-Over License You can set up a fail-over license server.


Feature More Information
Simple User Interface X-Config offers many conveniences not found in any other PC X server.
Universal Keyboard Selection Automatically configures to the right keyboard for any language.
Legacy Mode A config setting that work for older Unix applications.
XML Based Session Settings X-Win32 sessions are stored in XML files that can easily be edited.
Direct 2D Support
Multiple Connection Options XDMCP, rsh, rexec, SSH, telnet, rlogin
Xinerama Support Useful for building wall-size displays.
Composite Extension Support Transparent displays
PsuedoColor Support For legacy Unix applications.
Render Extension Improves the display quality of Linux applications.
Sound Support Sound is supported in XDMCP mode.
Load Balancing XDMCP mode provides information on the load on each server on the network.