X-Win32 Testimonials

I purchased an X-Win32 license through my institution last week after a trial period. Thank you for providing this, the software has worked flawlessly. I am glad to have X-Win32 for my daily work.

Xiaoqing Pi, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, USA

Your product was the BEST I have ever used and I will purchase it. I am a consultant and I go from job site to job site often in need of an X-Window client. Again, I want to tell you that I felt your development crew did a MARVELOUS job putting this X-Window client together!

Jack Haynes, Consultant, Young Technica, Inc., USA

I am very appreciative and grateful for X-Win32. It's one of the finest software programs I've ever used, in terms of quality, performance, and customer support. I use it virtually around the clock, between my PC and Solaris systems here at the office. I couldn't live without it. Thanks again for a great product!

Neall Doren, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratory, USA

We have a 20-user license for the Facility of Science Windows Lab. The quality and compatibility of X-Win32 is amazing.

Peter D.M. MacDonald, Professor of Math & Statistics, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

I tried a few different X server products and am happy to say that X-Win32 performed the best. I had no problems with the CDE fonts and the program was one of the fastest.

Brian Reeves, Center for Sensor Signal and Processing (CSSIP), The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

X-Win32 has been excellent. I appreciate the services your company provides.

Roger Grant, Elixir Industries, Gardena, California, USA

X-Win32 is a very good product, which in this case means you don't have to think about it. I set it up, and it works just as it should! I will recommend it to others. It is much simpler than Hummingbird, which had many other accessories that I did not need.

Charles L. Werner, Gamma Remote Sensing AG, Switzerland

I loaded up the X-Win32 product and I am pleased to say that out of the box, it is the best X-server product I have seen.

Niladri Datta, NIX Administrator, Therma-Tru Corp.

It's an excellent product, just works transparently with very little effort, what more could I want?

Chris Green, Areti Internet

Today I downloaded X-Win32 for evaluation. I have tried other X11 clients but they were very cumbersome. Congratulations! It was a whole new feeling when the X programs came up in Windows. Incredible! Fascinating! This is my favorite program.

Balazs Kis, Hungary

I don't know how you guys do it! You have an amazing product at a very reasonable price. I have been a happy customer going on three years now

Stuart MacKenzie, University of Phoenix

During the last several years, in my various systems support assignments I have been either associated or responsible for PC/Unix integration related matters. During those years I have conducted extensive tests on Windows/X/Unix toolkits. To put it simply, I've never seen a better product than yours. After examining every evaluation version I have downloaded, I have recommended your product to everyone interested.

KW, Systems Support Engineer, Finland

I'm graduating in Vehicle Engineering and I am currently performing an internship at Ferrari. I use X-Win32 to connect my laptop to a Unix Cluster to run my fluid dynamic computations on high-performance engines...X-Win32 is a very useful and powerful instrument that I use every day.