Competitive Evaluation: X-Win32 vs Exceed

The market for traditional PC X servers, primarily on a LAN using non-persistent XDMCP, REXEC or SSH connections, is dominated by two products: StarNet's X-Win32 and OpenText's Exceed (Formerly Hummingbird Exceed).

Both X-Win32 and the X11 emulation component of Exceed make them best of breed PC X servers, offering a broad range of X server features and capabilities as the cost and feature comparison shows. Clearly, X-Win32 offers a tremendous value for customers looking for a top of the line PC X server.

StarNet's X-Win32 OpenText's Exceed 14
Commercial List Price $245.00* $545.00*
SSH Included Requires OpenText Secure Shell ($65.00*)
OpenGL Support Included Requires Exceed 3D ($195.00*)
Licensing Node locked, named user or concurrent users Per user
Annual Support & Maintenance $50 18% on purchased components
Languages Supported English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Spanish, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
Push Deployment Yes Yes
Required Disk Space 62 MB 474 MB (excludes add-ons)
Citrix/WTS Support Yes Yes
Prompt on Connect Yes Yes
XAuth Yes Yes
Kerberos Support Microsoft LDAP + MIT Microsoft LDAP
FIPS-140 Compliance Yes Yes
Backing Store Yes Yes
X11 Version 7.4 7.4
Direct 2D Support Yes Yes
Boot from Flash Drive Yes No
3D Graphics (OpenGL-GLX) Included Requires 3D Module ($195.00*)
Auto-Configuration for sessions behind a NAT Yes Yes
Composite Extension Yes Yes
Multiple X Displays Yes Yes
Dynamic Window Resizing Yes Yes
Multiple Monitors Yes Yes
Render Extension Yes Yes
Auto Keyboard Selection Yes Yes
Screen Capture Tool Yes No
Configuration Tool Yes (X-Config) Yes (X-Config)
Application Start-Up Tool Yes (X-Config) Yes (Xstart)
Session Start-Up Tool Yes (X-Config) Yes (Xsession)
Shortcut Creation Yes Yes
Middle Wheel Support Yes Yes
Overlay UNIX and Windows Window Manager Yes Yes

With regards to information about OpenText products, the comparative information is based on data available on the OpenText website, other documentation originated by OpenText and the OpenText products themselves.

*OpenText does not sell Exceed as a stand alone PC X server, it comes bundled with IBM 3270 and other Terminal Emulation and an FTP client.