3.1 Features

Redesigned Cluster Communication avoiding database
Reduce database storage by 90%
Improve CPU usage since the database is used less
New Big Block rendering protocol
Better support on 4K screens
Multiple codecs added for better tuning of Bandwidth
Redesigned 3.1 Desktop Client
Consolidated server lists
Dark Mode support on Macs
Brings the desktop client Features on par with browser
User Logins are now whitelisted rather than blacklisted
Allows admins to manage login tokens
Server Reservations
Once a user logs in, the server is removed from the list of available login servers until he logs out.
VirtualGL shipped with FastX
Can be enabled in the profile
User Event Scripts
Execute a shell script when a specific event is triggered on a session
Database rebuild on startup
Convenience to simplify cleaning up the database
Load balancing now is an array of scripts
scripts can filter out servers and pass them to the next script
Https options are now part of www.json
Various performance improvements and bug fixes