List the FastX Session Servers information






JSON array of server objects. Each object consists of the following parameters

  • serverId — FastX server id
  • id — alias for serverId
  • serverPool — name of the serverPool the server is in
  • hostname — server hostname
  • url — Url of the server
  • cpu — CPU percentage
  • freemem — amount of free memory on the server
  • totalmem — total amount of memory on the server
  • loggedInUsers — number of FastX users currently logged in
  • sessions — number of running FastX sessions
  • uptime — time (in seconds) the server has been running
  • loadavg — load average Array of three  load average 1,5,15 minutes

Websocket Connection

Connect to a /api/admin/server?token=token

Server to Client Message

JSON object with the following format

  • id — Server Id
  • data — JSON object of the server  (see above)