Building Custom Clients

FastX includes an open architecture that allows users to custom build solutions to solve their business needs.  Don’t like the FastX Web Interface?  No Problem, you can modify it as needed.  Do you want your users to log in  and automatically connect to their running session? Simple!  Use the FastX Rest API to build a web client that fits your needs


Typical Order of Operations

  1. Log in with username and password /api/login
  2. List running sessions /api/list/:token
  3. Get the connection information (choose 1)
    1. Start a new Session /api/start/:token
    2. Connect to an existing session /api/connect/:token
  4. Use the connection information to create a new Xrdp instance


  • The Rest API is installed by default with the web service at http://hostname:3000/api 
  • Successful Rest API calls always return a JSON object with a result object member.  The REST API documentation lists the contents of the result member
  • :token is the token member string that is returned from a successful call to /api/login