Execute arbitrary command on a session without connecting to the session

Xrdp Events

The Xrdp client has custom events that signal when virtual channel data comes from the server. When building a custom client, add an event listener to the xrdp canvas to capture the event. The event data is in the detail … Continued

Xrdp Callbacks

The Xrdp function takes a ready parameter which is a function with 2 arguments function ready(canvas,cb) cb is a JSON object of callback functions that can be used to interact with the remote Xrdp server getMousePos(e) returns the xrdp mouse position … Continued

function Xrdp(parameters)

Creates an Xrdp canvas and connects to the FastX Server Usage var xrdpcanvas = new Xrdp(parameters); Parameters Required geometry —  widthxheight <string> Xrdp width and height password — Xrdp password generated from an  /api/start/:token or /api/connect/:token call ws — websocket … Continued

Building Custom Clients

FastX includes an open architecture that allows users to custom build solutions to solve their business needs.  Don’t like the FastX Web Interface?  No Problem, you can modify it as needed.  Do you want your users to log in and automatically connect … Continued


Log user in using SSH username and password


Get configuration information