Using Self Signed Certificates with a Gateway

The FastX Gateway Installation, uses certificates to encrypt and authenticate data between the FastX Gateway Servers and the FastX Session Servers.  For security reasons, the use of self-signed certificates is disabled by default.  Communication between the FastX Gateway Server and FastX … Continued

FastX Session Monitoring

    FastX Administrators have the ability to monitor and manage all FastX Sessions in a cluster from all users. Click on the System Configuration Icon From there managers can view all the running sessions in a cluster and connect … Continued


General settings related to the configuration of this specific server Configuration Files settings.json


Settings related to the HTTP web server component Related Topics HTTPS Options CORS Support Configuration Files www.json


Configure the server to communicate with other servers Related Topics Network Configuration Overview Cluster Installation Gateway Server Installation Load Balancing Custom Load Balancing Metrics Configuration Files network.json


Change the colors/icons of the FastX web server Configuration Files theme.json


Change the configuration of FastX sessions Related Topics OpenGL Support Setting the FastX DISPLAY Job Scheduling CPU Usage Configuration Files session.json (default profile) files in the /usr/lib/fastx2/config/profile.d are assumed to be profile configurations and have the same format as session.json


Set up bookmarks for all users Related Topics Restrict commands to Bookmarks Only Configuration Files suggestions.json


Specify which commands users are allowed to launch Restricting Users to launching Bookmarks Only Configuration Files command.json

Client Settings

Create speed setting configurations for FastX clients Related Topics User Experience FAQ Configuration Files fastx-defaults.json


Specify the authentication mechanisms for FastX Configuration Files auth-methods.json


Create/Edit/Modify the FastX Administrators Configuration Files admin.json

Message of the Day

Set the message of the day that will appear when a user logs in Configuration Files motd.json

Limiting the commands users can launch

FastX can restrict users’ ability to launch commands so that they can only launch specific sessions.  This ability is achieved by enabling Command Restrictions in the Commands Section of the System Configuration menu. Enabling Restrictions Log in as an administrator Click … Continued

FastX System Requirements

Server RedHat systems (including CentOS) Version 6 or later (version 7 is the latest release), 64-bit  only. SuSE (including OpenSUSE and SLES) Version 11 or later. Debian (including Ubuntu) Debian 7 (“Wheezy”) or later. Ubuntu 11.10 (“Oneiric”) or later.   … Continued


Many applications use OpenGL for graphics rendering. VirtualGL is an application that uses the Linux system’s graphics hardware to render OpenGL graphics and then pass it to the remote X server. This method bypasses the GLX extension. Installing VirtualGL VirtualGL … Continued

Running the fastx web server on port 80

FastX uses the nodejs web server to serve a node js app in the user space.  Linux distributions do not by default allow node apps to run on typical Http and Https ports ( port 80 and port 443 respectively) … Continued