Failed to start a secure connection to the server

After launching FastX, you may get an error that says “Critical: Failed to start a secure connection to the server.” This often occurs after you upgrade the server installation, but fail to restart the server. To fix this issue: run … Continued

Uninstalling FastX Server

To uninstall the FastX Server, run the command as root rpm -e StarNetFastXServer If you installed the FastX Server as a nonroot user, simply delete the FastX directory

Disable Auto Updates in FastX

System Administrators may want to disable auto update notifications since their users do not have administrator access to their systems. To disable this check: Create and edit a FastX.ini file in C:\ProgramData\StarNet Communications\FastX.ini Add the line: Update=false Save the file … Continued

FastX Framerate Limiting

By default FastX attempts to run at 60 frames per second (60fps). For some users on slower networks, performance can be increased by lowering the maximum framerate. The lower framerate increases performance at the expense of smoothness. To limit the … Continued

Session Sharing in FastX

Session sharing allows multiple users to view and optionally interact with a running FastX session. Session sharing is dynamic, meaning it can be enabled and disabled on the fly. Sharing a Session Web Client Launch a Session When the session … Continued

Migrating from LIVE to FastX

The LIVE protocol and the FastX Protocol are incompatible. Existing users may with to migrate their old LIVE Connections to the newer FastX Connections Converting Connections Users who are familiar with XML parsers can write their own utilities to convert … Continued

Cleaning FastX directories

Occasionally old session data will linger around in certain directories when using FastX. These data files should be cleaned out periodically to reduce the amount of disk space on the server as well as removing unused sockets. Files are found … Continued

FastX Pro

FastX Pro enables load balancing via FastX. Requirements Client FastX Client, with a PRO license Server 2 or more Linux machines on the same Subnet Round Robin DNS hostname of the machines Mounted user $HOME directories Server Installation Install the … Continued

Copying and Pasting in Xterm

When highlighting a selection in xterm you may notice that the selection does not get sent to the clipboard (and therefore you cannot paste). This is due to the fact that FastX only uses the CLIPBOARD buffer for copying and … Continued

Keyboard Input Language

FastX automatically detects the default keyboard input used by your OS. Microsoft Windows From the Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language Select Keyboards and Languages Select Change Keyboards Set Default Input Language to the Keyboard … Continued