FastX 3.0 Desktop Client

Build 3.0.42April 27, 2020 Reenabled Network Autodetect Fixed Network autodetect speed increase Build 3.0.40Feb 18, 2020 Removed Autodetect performance setting Build 3.0.39Jan 23, 2020 Big Block update support Set minimum screen size in single window mode Remember last screen size … Continued

FastX 3.0 Release Notes

Build 49June 17, 2020    verify there is a data object before filtering out passwords Build 47April 27, 2020 Moved HTTPS configuration to the www.json file Case 63215: change uri prefix for shortcuts Try to log the reason the connection … Continued

FastX 3.1 Security

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FastX 3.1 Permissions

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FastX 3.1 Installation

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FastX 3.1 Browser Client

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FastX 3.1

Release Notes Server Desktop Client FastX Server Installation Installation Instructions – PDF version Installation instructions includes upgrading and uninstalling information. Client Guides Browser Client – PDF version Client login through a web browser Desktop Client – PDF version FastX client … Continued

FastX 3.1 User Logins Guide

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FastX 3.1 API

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FastX 3.1 System Configuration

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FastX 3.1 Clustering Guide

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FastX 3.1 Desktop Client

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Uncommon GNOME issues with FastX

Problem: Cannot interact with menus and/or windows may be transparent in GNOME.  Applications within GNOME are unresponsive. Solution: Use the following command to launch GNOME /etc/X11/xinit/Xsession gnome-session Problem: Failed to connect to session bus: Error spawning command line dbus-launch Solution: … Continued

3.1 Features

Redesigned Cluster Communication avoiding database Reduce database storage by 90% Improve CPU usage since the database is used less New Big Block rendering protocol Better support on 4K screens Multiple codecs added for better tuning of Bandwidth Redesigned 3.1 Desktop … Continued

FastX 3.1 Event Scripts

If a FastX session is started with a profile that has “Event Scripts” specified, those scripts will be run as the same user who is running the session. The various events are triggered when the following events happen: ‘start’: Triggered … Continued

FastX Browser Client User Manual

Note FastX 3 browser client uses port 3300 by default to access. ( Login Browser Login Name – Username of user on the Linux host. Password – Password of username. Use public key authentication – Click box if public key … Continued

FastX Desktop Client Connections Location

FastX stores the connection information in the following folder. FastX 3 Windows: %AppData%\StarNet Communications\FastX3\ sub-directory: SshConnections and WebConnections Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/com.starnet.FastX sub-directory: SshConnections and WebConnections Linux: $HOME/.FastX/ sub-directory: SshConnections and WebConnections FastX 2 Windows %AppData%\StarNet Communications\FastX\ sub-directory: Connections Apple (Mac) … Continued

FastX Client Api

Setup You can programmatically send input to the remote session using the FastX Client Api. This is useful for integrators who need fine grained access to to FastX connection. Typical use cases include forcing default settings on a client, or … Continued