Indirect Sessions

Indirect Sessions are a method to use FastX to connect to systems where the FastX server is not installed. Indirect Sessions utilize ssh to automatically Connect you to your remote system on Launch Installation and Configuration Install the FastX Server … Continued

FastX log files

System Logs /var/log/fastx  — stdout and stderr of the FastX Web service If FastX is version 2.3 or later, and the Linux system uses systemd init system (default on RedHat/Centos 7.14, Debian 8, Ubuntu 15, or SUSE 12 or later), … Continued

function Xrdp(parameters)

Creates an Xrdp canvas and connects to the FastX Server Usage var xrdpcanvas = new Xrdp(parameters); Parameters Required geometry —  widthxheight <string> Xrdp width and height password — Xrdp password generated from an  /api/start/:token or /api/connect/:token call ws — websocket … Continued

Xdrp Keyboard and Mouse Callbacks

function sendMouseDown(button,pos)   function sendMouseUp(button,pos)   function sendMouseMove(pos)   function sendMouseWheel(delta,pos)   function sendKeyDown(e)   function sendKeyUp(e)   function resetKeyStates()

Upgrading from FastX1

FastX2 introduces some new features that are incompatible with FastX1.  This article attempts to resolve questions related to upgrading between versions Can the FastX2 Server be Installed Concurrently With the FastX1 Server? Yes!  FastX Server 1 and FastX Server 2 can … Continued

FastX Non-root Installation

Note: Many system administrators have root access, but wish to install the FastX server in an alternate location (for example a shared directory). The rpm package can be relocated by following these instructions Server Side Installation Installing the RPM Users who do … Continued

Adding Fonts to FastX

FastX uses server side fonts.  If you are missing fonts you can add extra font paths to your system FastX searches for font directories (by default) in /usr/lib/fastx2/xrdp/fonts Add your font directories under this path and then launch a new session As … Continued

FastX Browser Client Menu

Input Click this button to bring up the keyboard menu.  The keyboard menu is needed in certain instances Not all systems (ipad/tablet etc) have full size keyboards. Some Browsers intercept keyboard combination (Ctrl+Alt+Del) For more information see Touch Interface   … Continued

CAC Smart Card Authentication

X-Win32 and FastX integrate with putty and pageant which allow CAC smarty card authentication. Get PuTTY-CAC from Follow the instructions on that page, and make sure that pagent.exe is running. Then launch your X-Win32 or FastX Session as needed

Blacklisting and Whitelisting Commands

FastX will allow or deny commands set up by administrators Log in as a FastX Administrator Go to the System section Click on Allowed Commands Add the commands you wish to allow and commands you wish to explicitly deny   Each … Continued

What Makes FastX Fast?

FastX adds many features to its connection protocol which allow the users to maximize their performance on a LAN or over the net. Server Side Rendering Modern linux applications are highly complex.  A single application may use thousands of drawing … Continued

FastX Security

Authentication SSH Authentication in Both the Browser and Desktop Clients FastX uses SSH to authenticate on both the Browser and the Client.  Authentication methods include, password, public key, multi-factor, Kerberos, Challenge-response, LDAP, among others.  SSH is a standard authentication and … Continued

FastX install scripts

When installing the FastX server, admins should run the /usr/lib/fastx/ script to complete the installation.  For system admins who do not want to use the menu based system and want to integrate the FastX installation into their own scripts, the … Continued

Xrdp Events

The Xrdp client has custom events that signal when virtual channel data comes from the server. When building a custom client, add an event listener to the xrdp canvas to capture the event. The event data is in the detail … Continued

FastX and OpenGL

FastX performs server-side software rendering of OpenGL applications and then transfers the result over the network to the client as a 2D image.  This allows for smooth OpenGL rendering at a consistently fast pace. However, some 3D applications may be … Continued

FastX Gateway Installation

It is often more convenient and secure to have a gateway machine as the access point to more systems.  Machines with sensitive information do not need to be on the outside network.  You can even add a gateway with no … Continued

FastX Load Balancing

Load Balancing allows IT departments to distribute resources across multiple systems.  The FastX Server has a built in load balancer that will choose which system a user will start new sessions, in order to efficiently distribute the load across multiple … Continued

Using Self Signed Certificates with a Gateway

The FastX Gateway Installation, uses certificates to encrypt and authenticate data between the FastX Gateway Servers and the FastX Session Servers.  For security reasons, the use of self-signed certificates is disabled by default.  Communication between the FastX Gateway Server and FastX … Continued