FastX Cluster Installation

A variant of the FastX Gateway Configuration, the FastX server and the gateway server are the same machine.  This is an ideal situation when you have a group of identical machines that are located on a LAN (with optional VPN access). … Continued

FastX Linux Client on Ubuntu/Debian Systems

The FastX Linux Client assumes that the SSH_ASKPASS environment variable is set in your desktop.  This is the case for many linux installations (RHEL/CentOs etc).  However, a default installation of Ubuntu does not set the SSH_ASKPASS environment variable even if … Continued

FastX Configuration Overview

FastX is highly configurable to meet the needs of individual users and corporations alike.  By configuring files, IT managers can turn FastX into a Gateway Servers, or Clusters, or perform management tasks like creating administrators or monitoring login attempts. NOTE: … Continued


Configuration file for the web server. Options include port http port the FastX web server will listen on (default 3000) cors origin to set to enable CORS (  Access-Control-Allow-Origin: <origin> ) httpsport https port the FastX web server will listen … Continued


Configuration for admin users.  Options include users array of usernames that have admin privileges.  Admins can disconnect from, Connect to and Terminate other users’ sessions. groups array of groups on the system.  Users in these groups have admin privileges.  Admins can … Continued


This file is obsolete in 2.2 and later. Use network.json instead Configuration file that turns the web server into a session server for use in a Gateway or Cluster configuration.  Options include gatewayUrl Url of the gateway server eg … Continued


This file is obsolete in 2.2 and later. Use network.json instead Configuration file that turns FastX into a gateway server when operating in Gateway or Cluster configuration Options include serverPools Array of serverPool json objects. Each serverPool contains the following options … Continued


Admin created options for speed settings.  Multiple settings can be created The file is an array of JSON objects with the following parameters name Name of the speed setting description Description of the speed setting id ID of the speed … Continued

FastX Themes

FastX allows you to customize the look and feel of the Browser Client so that you can seamlessly integrate FastX into your existing websites. You can change the theme in the Themes page of the System section    

Running lsf with FastX

A default installation of FastX does not allow incoming connection from non localhost systems.This provides maximum security of the fastx session. Certain applications however (most notably lsf) require systems to listen for incoming connections in order to function properly.  System … Continued

FastX Memory Usage

FastX allows users to run multiple sessions which consume memory.  Unlike a traditional X Server (X-Win32), FastX requires a proxy X Server (the FastX Server) installed on the linux system to hold each session.  The extra overhead of the FastX Server … Continued

OpenGL Support for legacy Apps

Some applications will fail because their OpenGL clients do not use the Direct Rendering Interface.  Upgrading your application to the latest version should typically fix the issue as well as make OpenGL run faster.  In the circumstances where upgrading is … Continued


Default profile for Xrdp sessions.  New sessions will use these parameters. Multiple profiles can be created.  They are placed in the config/profile.d directory and have the same format   The file is a JSON object with the following parameters name … Continued


Configuration file that contains custom theme settings. Options include button-background default button background color (hexstring) button-color default button text color (hexstring) active-background background color for active buttons (hexstring) active-color text color for active buttons (hexstring) debrand set to true to … Continued

Api Login state machine

The login process is a state machine.  There are 3 states “init” — initial state when /api/login is called “password” — intermediate state for password based authentication “keyboard-interactive”– intermediate state that prompts for answers to security questions “success” — user … Continued

Public Key Authentication with FastX2

FastX2 supports public key authentication through the browser and the desktop client interface Browser Client Go to your browser log in screen Check Use Public Key Authentication Click Upload Private Key File Browse for your private key file When the file has been … Continued

FastX CPU Usage

FastX Sessions use CPU to compress and send data over the net as quickly as possible.  This generally creates a better user experience for the end users.  However, there are cases where other applications will compete for resources and FastX … Continued