License Upgrade

X-Win32 2011 and later use the RLM licensing system. Floating licenses now require a License Server in order to run. X-Win32 automatically checks if a license is currently installed on the Windows system. Users may see the following message on … Continued

Failed to bind the socket: The address is protected

If you have installed X-Win 32, entered the license code, but the software still runs in demo mode, there may be a conflict with software installed by LabView. Technical Details: A service installed by LabView, lkcitdl.exe, opens UDP port 6000. … Continued

License Location for version 7 and below

Licenses were stored in the Windows Registry in Version 7 and below. Follow the Steps to obtain your license. Please use caution when editing the registry. h4 . Floating Licenses Run X-Config Click on the “license” tab </> VN Node … Continued

License Locations

FastX 1 User Location Individual %LOCALAPPDATA%\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic Individual %LOCALAPPDATA%\StarNet Communications\license.lic Individual (XP Users) %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic Individual (XP Users) %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet Communications\license.lic All Users %PROGRAMFILES%\StarNet Communications\license.lic All Users (64 bit Windows) %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic X-Win32 18 User Location Individual … Continued

Installing Licenses for multiple users

In order to make X-Win32 compatible out of the box with Windows Vista, the license.config file is no longer stored in C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32\ after version 8.2 Microsoft Vista does not allow direct access to the Program Files folder and creates … Continued

How do I obtain my organizations site license key

To obtain your organization’s site license key for X-Win32, you need to contact your license administrator. If you do not know who the license administrator is, you might first try searching your company’s internal web sites for “X-Win32” to see … Continued

Silent installs or push deployments

X-Win32’s installer allows the license key to be specified in these push deployments so that your thousands of desktops can use X-Win32 without further configuration. X-Win32 supports silent installations and push deployments (typically performed with robust tools such as Microsof’s … Continued