X-Win32: X-Config – Window

Window Mode – Multiple Each individual application will run in its own separate window. There is no main root window. The application looks contains its own windows title bar and can be moved and resized accordingly. Note: XDMCP sessions always … Continued

Legacy Mode

X Server technology has been around for over twenty-five years. X-Win32 tries to stay current with existing X Server standards, but this can sometimes affect the functioning of older applications. If your application is not running correctly try the following … Continued

Adding a Font Folder

X-Win32 ships with over 8000 fonts and aliases. Most fonts that a user needs are installed by default. However, occasionally proprietary application specific fonts are required to have an application display correctly. These fonts are typically installed with the application, … Continued

Change DPI Settings

Most applications use number of pixels to specify the size and shape of application User Interfaces. However, certain applications use the Dots per Inch (DPI) in order to specify certain sizes. In order to change the DPI settings in X-Win32 … Continued

Add more time for 3 button mouse emulation

With only a 2 button mouse (for example when using a laptop), you may run out of time when trying to click the second mouse button to enable the 3 button mouse emulation. To give more time to To enable … Continued

Disabling Maintenance Renewal Reminders

X-Win32 displays maintenance renewal messages as a reminder that X-Win32’s upgrade coverage is about to end. We display this message to the end user because we find that the users of X-Win32 are often not those responsible for renewing the … Continued

Preventing Users from Running X-Config

A system administrator can prevent X-Win32 users from using X-Config (e.g. when using X-Win32 in a kiosk, lab, or other controlled environment) in several ways, described below. Ways to disable X-Config Change the permissions on C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32\XConfig32.exe so that only … Continued

How to Mass Deploy Shared Connections

As a system administrator you may want to create one shared folder to centrally manage all X-Win32 connections. This way all users will have access to the same connections simplifying changes. Create a Folder on a shared network drive Open … Continued

Disabling Auto Update Tool Notifications

X-Win32 has an autoupdate feature which allows you to automatically be informed when the latest updates are available. Updates are generally infrequent and fix bugs while at the same time adding new features. However if you must disable the autoupdate … Continued

How to Speed up Java Performance

Java based applications have traditionally been slow over the internet. This is a result of several reasons, including java’s virtual machine and its rendering capablities. There are several options available to try to speed up java based applications. Edit the … Continued