Creating your first X-Win32 session

When you first start X-Win32 you will see the X-Config screen   Highlight My Connections Click on the Wizard Button and follow the steps to create a connection The newly created connection will appear in the Connection List. Highlight the … Continued

Bad Packet Length

Users connecting to Solaris may experience a “Bad Packet Length” error when upgrading to version 2014. This is an issue when connecting using the newer ssh encryption modules to an older solaris ssh server To resolve this, use an older … Continued

Where are My Connections Located on the System

It is simple to copy and transfer sessions from one computer to another by storing each session in its own .xw32 file. Where are My Connections located My Sessions In X-Config, sessions/subfolders which are found under the “My Sessions” folder … Continued

Connect to a VMS Machine

VAX VMS Systems are not Unix systems and use a different method to log in. A terminal emulator will be required to set the DISPLAY before bringing the X applications to the Windows machine. Start X-Win32 and let it sit … Continued

How do I load my .profile when logging into CDE

When using CDE Common Desktop Environment (Solaris and AIX systems), the user’s .profile is not loaded by default. Instead CDE loads the ~/.dtprofile by default. To load the .profile when logging in to CDE Edit your ~/.dtprofile Uncomment the line … Continued