Failed to start nxagent: No such file or directory

When launching X-Win32 you may receive the following error An error occurred while running LIVE Failed to start nxagent: no such file or directory. This error means that the LIVE Server has not been properly installed. You must install both … Continued

iLIVEx Shows Splash Screen Then Exits

When launching iLIVEx, the splash screen will appear and then automatically exit to the ipad screen. This is an issue with iLIVEx not being able to bind to the X Server. This issue occurs if you have multiple versions of … Continued


iLIVEx Help iLIVEx allows you to connect your iPad to a remote Linux/Unix server or workstation and display a full X desktop or an individual X application on your iPad. iLIVEx allows you to create and start new LIVE sessions … Continued

MacLIVE: Host Key Verification Failed

When attempting to connect using MacLIVE, the connection may be automatically rejected with the following error: Host key verification failed. If you are connecting to a host who’s IP address changes frequently (for example if you use DHCP to assign … Continued


The following is a list of options that can be passed to the nxagent via the ExtraNXOptions call in /etc/xdg/StarNet/LIVE6.conf or $HOME/.config/StarNet/LIVE6.conf These files may need to be created * LIVEServer 5 and below use LIVE.conf Example: ExtraNXOptions=”-kb -shpix” For … Continued

rgb File for LIVE

On some minimal systems where the LIVE Server is installed (usually a gateway system), the rgb file may be missing. This file associates the standard color names with their corresponding color codes. Without this file, applications may fail or throw … Continued

LIVE Session Ports

By default, LIVE Sessions tunnel all traffic through ssh TCP port 22. On the Unix side, there are several ports that the LIVE Server listens on. These ports not have anything listening on them in order for LIVE to function … Continued

Exiting Fullscreen Mode in LIVE

When connecting with LIVE, you may choose the fullscreen option to take oover your entire desktop. When you want to continue using the Windows desktop, the following options are available in LIVE Sessions Click on the “magic pixel” in the … Continued

Keyboard Shortcuts for LIVE Sessions

The following Keyboard Shortcuts are available when running LIVE Sessions Keystroke Description Ctrl+Alt+T Bring up the Suspend Session Dialog Ctrl + Alt + F Toggle Fullscreen mode Ctrl + Alt + M Minimize a LIVE Session (Windowed or Fullscreen) Ctrl … Continued

Creating Your First LIVE Session

LIVE Sessions are special sessions that allow for persistency. You can suspend and resume running sessions without loss of data. LIVE’s special way of caching also makes it the fastest connection method available! Install the LIVE Server on your Remote … Continued

LIVE Server Installation is Incorrect

If you receive this error, you could successfully connect to the remote system but there is an error when launching the LIVE Server. This usually occurs if your LIVE Server has not been installed, or if you installed the LIVE … Continued

dbus Error when running LIVE Sessions

When launching a LIVE Desktop session, an error window may pop up in the beginning which looks like the following: This error is because your desktop was launched directly and not through the dbus service. This does not seem to … Continued

Alt Tabbing in LIVE

Due to the nature of Windows, X-Win32 cannot sent an Alt+Tab command to a LIVE Session. Windows will pick up the Alt+Tab and switch to a different screen before the remote system sees the alt tab command. However, Linux Desktop … Continued

Which LIVE Server Version am I using

In order to tell which LIVE Server version you are using run the following command Root Installation LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/RX/lib /usr/lib/RX/bin/rxserver-bin –version Nonroot Installation LD_LIBRARY_PATH=LIVEServer/lib LIVEServer/bin/rxserver-bin –version

LIVE Server Installation Instructions: Linux

* Please note: This knowledge base article is for a legacy product.  MacLIVE, LinuxLIVE, and LIVE Server are no longer supported.  FastX is the new standard for remote Linux display.  For more information on FastX, please click here. LIVE Server … Continued

Remote File Sharing

LIVE Sessions allow the ability to open remote files by use of the rxlpr command shipped in LIVEServer 5 build 95 and later. Any file can be transferred and opened as long as the Windows machine recognizes the file extension. … Continued

Global LIVE Sessions

LIVE Sessions can be created for all users on the system making it simple for an administrator to define a set of sessions for all users to run. Global Sessions are stored by default in /etc/xdg/StarNet/sessions/ or specified by the … Continued