Server Side LIVE Session Hosting

Host Based LIVE Sessions LIVE Sessions are templates stored on the remote Unix/Linux system which contain the default information to Launch a LIVE Session Instance. Since sessions are stored on the Server side, users can reconnect from any client computer … Continued

Remote Printing with LIVE

Starting in version 2010 with LIVEServer 5.0.95, users can now print files on their unix/linux system to their local printer using LIVE. On the unix/linux side, run the command rxlpr (Remote X Line Printer) rxlpr [-q|-v] [-name name|-ext extension] [-open] … Continued

LIVE Error: rxsci.log Balloons out of control

When installing the LIVE server on RHEL3, the rxsci file may balloon out of control due to a close message constantly being sent to the log file. To aliviate this issue please do the following: edit the rxsci file Add … Continued

LIVE Server Log Files

When launching a LIVE session sometimes your session may not launch as expected. In these instances you may want to check the log files to see what has occurred. On the Windows side the messages that appear show the ssh … Continued

LIVE Error: QtLockedFile lock No locks available

The LIVE server has been designed to work with mounted directories. However under certain circumstances the LIVE Server will fail with the following error in the $HOME/.nx-servername/rxserver.log file QtLockedFile::lock(): fcntl: No locks available 16.04.2008 16:01:04.521: Failed to lock the file … Continued

LIVE Error: Address in Use

LIVE sessions may fail to run if there is already a service running on the port that it is trying to connect to. See LIVE Server Ports for a list of ports First check your rxserver.log If you find the … Continued

Sound Support

X-Win32 now ships with the Enlightenment Sound Daemon (esd.exe) which is launched at startup. You can now pipe remote sounds in your XDMCP and LIVE sessions. You can configure remote applications to send the sounds to X-Win32 by running the … Continued