Crash On Startup

If you experience an X-Win32 crash when starting X-Win32, you most probably have an outdated video card driver causing X-Win32’s openGL subsystem to crash when X-Win32 is launched. Download and install the latests driver update’s from your hardware vendor’s website … Continued

Crash when running 3D plots in mathematica

Mathematica has changed it’s openGL rendering code in Methematica 6 causing X-Win32 to crash when trying to displaying 3D plots. There are 2 workarounds for this issue Run Mathematica with the -mesa option: mathematica -mesa This will use a different … Continued

Creating Your First LIVE Session

LIVE Sessions are special sessions that allow for persistency. You can suspend and resume running sessions without loss of data. LIVE’s special way of caching also makes it the fastest connection method available! Install the LIVE Server on your Remote … Continued

dbus Error when running LIVE Sessions

When launching a LIVE Desktop session, an error window may pop up in the beginning which looks like the following: This error is because your desktop was launched directly and not through the dbus service. This does not seem to … Continued

Deploying License Server in X-Win32

Create a file called license.lic Add the line: HOST 00000000 is the hostname of your license server (the zeros are required) Place this file in the Installation directory of X-Win32

Detecting Missing Fonts

Occasionally applications may not look the same when connecting remotely via X-Win32 than they do when connecting locally. This may be do to missing fonts In order to check which fonts are being used and which ones are missing, Perform … Continued

Disable Clipboard Functionality

X-Win32 comes with a dynamically integrated clipboard which allows users to copy and paste text from Windows to Unix (and vise versa) In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to disable the clipboard in order to interoperate with other applications. … Continued

Disabling Maintenance Renewal Reminders

X-Win32 displays maintenance renewal messages as a reminder that X-Win32’s upgrade coverage is about to end. We display this message to the end user because we find that the users of X-Win32 are often not those responsible for renewing the … Continued

Enable XDMCP By Editing Files

On certain linux systems you must manually edit the configuration files. It is recommended to use an automated system such as yast2 or gdmsetup if available. In this example, we will edit the Suse Linux system Log in as root … Continued

Enable XDMCP on Solaris 10

Solaris 10’s desktop environment is JDS which is based off of GNOME. Log in as root Open a terminal Type gdmsetup (a dialog box will appear) Click on the XDMCP tab Check the Enable XDMCP box Press Close

Enable XDMCP on Solaris 9 and Below

Solaris machines have XDMCP enabled by default. In case it has been disabled for some reason Log in as root Open a terminal Type “cd /usr/dt/config” Edit the Xconfig file Comment out the line Dtlogin.requestPort: 0 Save and restart the … Continued

Enable XDMCP using gdmsetup

On many versions of Red Hat Linux and other versions of Unix which have the GNOME desktop environment, enabling XDMCP only takes a few clicks. RHEL 4 and below Log in as root Open a terminal Type gdmsetup (a dialog … Continued

Enable XDMCP Using Yast2

SuSE Linux and many other distributions which use KDE as the default desktop often have the yast tools installed on the operating system Open a terminal as root Launch: yast2 Click on: System > /etc/sysconfig Editor Desktop > Display manager … Continued

Error 1316 during installation

This message usually means a previous installation of a software is getting in the way of the new installation. The fix is to download a free program from Microsoft that will totally and completely remove the old software. Then the … Continued

Error 1723 during Installation

The installer for X-Win32 is MSI based and requires Windows Installer Version 3.0 or later to be installed on the target system. Windows Installer Version 3.0 itself requires Windows 2000 SP3 or later in order to operate correctly. Windows Installer … Continued

Error 1935 during Installation

We use the Microsoft Windows installer when installing X-Win32. The following possible issues may prevent the installer from installing MSXML 4.0 SP2: You need rights to the folder C:\Windows\WinSxS You may need to disable your anti-virus. You may need to … Continued