Error in locking authority file

When trying to connect using ssh, if you see a similar error to the following in the status log /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth: error in locking authority file $HOME/.Xauthority This issue typically occurs for one of several reasons Out of disk space: ┬áIf … Continued

Exiting Fullscreen Mode in LIVE

When connecting with LIVE, you may choose the fullscreen option to take oover your entire desktop. When you want to continue using the Windows desktop, the following options are available in LIVE Sessions Click on the “magic pixel” in the … Continued


The following is a list of options that can be passed to the nxagent via the ExtraNXOptions call in /etc/xdg/StarNet/LIVE6.conf or $HOME/.config/StarNet/LIVE6.conf These files may need to be created * LIVEServer 5 and below use LIVE.conf Example: ExtraNXOptions=”-kb -shpix” For … Continued

Failed to bind the socket: The address is protected

If you have installed X-Win 32, entered the license code, but the software still runs in demo mode, there may be a conflict with software installed by LabView. Technical Details: A service installed by LabView, lkcitdl.exe, opens UDP port 6000. … Continued

Failed to start nxagent: No such file or directory

When launching X-Win32 you may receive the following error An error occurred while running LIVE Failed to start nxagent: no such file or directory. This error means that the LIVE Server has not been properly installed. You must install both … Continued

Failover License Server

Install rlm and your ISV server on the failover license server node See RLM License Server Installation for more information Copy all license files from the Primary Server and install them on the Failover Server Edit the license file with … Continued


X-Win32 uses an embedded FIPS 140-2-validated cryptographic module (Validation #1051 for the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module 1.2 ) running on a Windows platform per FIPS 140-2 Implementation Guidance section G.5 guidelines. Enforce FIPS Mode X-Win32 2012 build 104 has an … Continued

Generating UUIDs for automating connection creation

If creating sessions manually or programmatically, a Universally Unique Identifier will be needed in order to differentiate the sessions from each other. Microsoft has a utility called GUIDgen available here Also the API has uuidgen in the Microsoft .net Framework … Continued

Global LIVE Sessions

LIVE Sessions can be created for all users on the system making it simple for an administrator to define a set of sessions for all users to run. Global Sessions are stored by default in /etc/xdg/StarNet/sessions/ or specified by the … Continued

How do I load my .profile when logging into CDE

When using CDE Common Desktop Environment (Solaris and AIX systems), the user’s .profile is not loaded by default. Instead CDE loads the ~/.dtprofile by default. To load the .profile when logging in to CDE Edit your ~/.dtprofile Uncomment the line … Continued

How do I restart sshd on my Unix system

After you have changed your configuration on your remote Unix/linux server you must restart your ssh service. The easiest way to do this is to simply restart your Unix machine. This is not always possible however. To restart sshd without … Continued

How to Delete a Corrupted Update File

If your download is somehow corrupted when downloading the latest updates, you can redownload the file by doing the following. Remove the folder C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp\X-Win32AutoUpdate Start Internet Explorer Click on Tools > Internet Options Click the Delete Files … Continued

How to Enable XDMCP on Unix

On most Unix/Linux distributions XDMCP is disabled by default. In order to enable your server to accept XDMCP connections you need to modify a few configuration files. The configuration files are located in different directories depending on the distribution. NOTE: … Continued

How to Speed up Java Performance

Java based applications have traditionally been slow over the internet. This is a result of several reasons, including java’s virtual machine and its rendering capablities. There are several options available to try to speed up java based applications. Edit the … Continued


iLIVEx Help iLIVEx allows you to connect your iPad to a remote Linux/Unix server or workstation and display a full X desktop or an individual X application on your iPad. iLIVEx allows you to create and start new LIVE sessions … Continued

iLIVEx Shows Splash Screen Then Exits

When launching iLIVEx, the splash screen will appear and then automatically exit to the ipad screen. This is an issue with iLIVEx not being able to bind to the X Server. This issue occurs if you have multiple versions of … Continued

Integrate a Floating License into msi File

When creating silent installation packages with msi, it may be preferable to integrate the floating license into the msi file directly instead of adding it as a command line parameter using msiexec. Power users with an msi editing utility (such … Continued

Keyboard Shortcuts for LIVE Sessions

The following Keyboard Shortcuts are available when running LIVE Sessions Keystroke Description Ctrl+Alt+T Bring up the Suspend Session Dialog Ctrl + Alt + F Toggle Fullscreen mode Ctrl + Alt + M Minimize a LIVE Session (Windowed or Fullscreen) Ctrl … Continued

Legacy Keymaps

X-Win32 strives to keep up with the latest changes in X Server technology. However new changes in the X Server sometimes break compatibility with older systems. The structure of keyboard maps has changed significantly between X11 versions. For users who … Continued