Bad Packet Length

Users connecting to Solaris may experience a “Bad Packet Length” error when upgrading to version 2014. This is an issue when connecting using the newer ssh encryption modules to an older solaris ssh server To resolve this, use an older … Continued


X-Win32 uses an embedded FIPS 140-2-validated cryptographic module (Validation #1051 for the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module 1.2 ) running on a Windows platform per FIPS 140-2 Implementation Guidance section G.5 guidelines. Enforce FIPS Mode X-Win32 2012 build 104 has an … Continued

X11 Forwarding Refused

When starting an SSH session, if you get the error Cannot Open Display in X-Win32’s status window, the remote host may not have X11 Forwarding (or X11 Tunneling) enabled. SSH sessions use X11 Forwarding by default to connect the remote … Continued

Error in locking authority file

When trying to connect using ssh, if you see a similar error to the following in the status log /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth: error in locking authority file $HOME/.Xauthority This issue typically occurs for one of several reasons Out of disk space:  If … Continued

Using key based authentication with X-Win32 SSH

Key based authentication takes place based on the public/private information, rather than with the more usual method of prompting for a password. This is very convient if a non-interactive process is trying to authenticate with a remote machine. Generating a … Continued

How do I restart sshd on my Unix system

After you have changed your configuration on your remote Unix/linux server you must restart your ssh service. The easiest way to do this is to simply restart your Unix machine. This is not always possible however. To restart sshd without … Continued