Navigating FastX 3 Web Administrator Settings



  • Database Name – List the name of Database created
  • Document Count – Number of document in the database
  • Size (MB) – Total size of database
  • Sequence Number – Number assigned to database
  • Compact Databases – Compresses data in the databases


Server Settings

  • Enable logins on this server – Check box enables users to login into the FastX server
  • Start new sessions on this server – Check box enables new sessions to be started on the FastX server
  • Override Hostname – Overrides the current Hostname
  • Compact Database – Cron time to compact the database removing old revisions and saving space
  • SSH Port – Port used for SSH (Default port 22)

Static Data

Load Balancing
Static Data – Configure Static Data on local FastX system.

Additional Information



  • Require web server – Check box to prevent SSH connections to FastX when the web server is down
  • Port – Port used to access FastX through browser (Default port 3300, example:
  • Certificate File – Path to SSL Certificate
  • Private Key File – Path to Private Key
  • Certificate Authority File – Path to Certificate Authority
  • Pfx File – Path to Personal Exchange Format file

Website Setting


  • Home Page – Web page used for user’s home page
    • Session – Sets user’s active session manager web page after login
    • Shortcuts – Sets user’s shortcut web page after login
  • Autoconnect to Bookmark – Connects to desired bookmark after login
  • Default Login Page (Authentication)
    • SSH – Uses SSH authentication
    • OpenID Connect – Uses OpenID Connect setup for authentication
  • Show Timed Out Sessions – Check box to show sessions that are in the database regardless of if the web server can communicate with them

Tabs – Edit Web Pages

  • Welcome Page – Welcome page after login.
  • Not Found (404) – Directed web page for pages that do not exist.
  • Permission Denied (403) – Directed web page for pages that are restricted
  • Internal Error (500) – Directed web page for pages with internal error

*Web pages are edited using FastX html text editor. Html files can be uploaded through the editor.

HTTP Headers

Http Headers sets headers on different pages.
Http Headers

  • HTTP Header – Name of Http Header
  • Value – Value of Http Header
  • Path – Path of Http Header

New Http Header

  • Http Header – Enter Http Header Name
  • Value – Enter Value for Http Header
  • Routes – Enter path for Http Header
    • All Routes – Affects all routes
    • Authentication – Affects authentication routes
    • Running Sessions – Affects running session routes
    • Custom – Affects custom routes

HTTPS Options

Https Options

Additional Information



Bookmarks – Sessions that can be launched all users

  • Check box – Check box all or individual bookmark to be edited or deleted
  • Name – Name of bookmark
  • Command – Command used by bookmark

New Bookmark

  • General
    • Command – Enter command used by bookmark
    • Name – Desired name of bookmark
    • Window Mode
      • Single – Single Window mode launches a root window defined by the height and width
      • Multiple – Multiple Window mode launches its own separate window
      • Params Forms – Assigns form from the list of created Forms
      • Profile – Assigns bookmark to an existing Profile
      • Tags – Groups bookmarks with named tags. To add tag, enter the tag name then hit enter.

  • Icon – Upload an icon for the bookmark

  • Custom Parameters – Set custom parameter for bookmark


Profiles – Provide advanced setting for bookmarks

  • Check box – Check box all or individual Profile to deleted or edited (Default Profile cannot be deleted)
  • Name – Name of Profiles
  • Description – Describes the Profile

New Profiles

  • General
    • Name – Name given to Profile
    • Description – Describes Profile

  • Session Settings
    • Enable Server Clipboard – Allow Clipboard data to be sent from server to client
    • Enable Client Clipboard – Allow Clipboard data to be sent from client to server
    • Save Xauthority cookies to the $HOME/.Xauthority file
    • Enable iglx Support – Older OpenGL applications may use different libraries and fail to run properly. Enable this option if your OpenGL application is failing.
    • Enable X11 TCP Support – Certain applications require systems to listen for incoming connections in order to function properly. Enable this option if your application needs to connect to its X11 DISPLAY.
    • Muiltisurface Support –  Speeds up rendering in multiple window mode and optimizes certain operations in single window mode.  However, it may also make a different set of operations slower. Most users should leave this as auto (Single Window Mode: false, Multiple window mode: true)
      • Autodetec – Auto sets Multisurface support
      • Enable – Enables Multisurface support
      • Disable – Disable Multisurface support
      • CPU Percentage – Maximum % of CPU FastX will use for compressing images. Systems with fewer cores should have a lower CPU percentage. Systems with 8 or more cores should use 100%. Autodetect will determine the number of cores on the system and adjust accordingly
        • Autodetect – Enables autodetect for CPU percentage
        • 25% – Sets CPU percentage to 25%
        • 50% – Sets CPU percentage to 50%
        • 75% – Sets CPU percentage to 75%
        • 100% – Sets CPU percentage to 100%
      • Disconnect Timeout – When all users have disconnected, terminate the session after x minutes. Set to 0 to disable.

  • Debug
    • License Diagnostics – Enables Licensing logs
    • Clipboard – Enables Clipboard logs


Form – Create Forms that will be used for bookmarks

  • Check box – Check box all or individual Forms to be edited or deleted
  • Name – Name of Form
  • HTML – HTML code used for Form

New Form

  • Name –  Name of new Form
  • HTML Form – HTML format used in Form.
  • Allow unsafe HTML tags in the form –  Check box to explicitly allow unsafe HTML in the form

Additional Information


Api Events – An event based system to communicate from the client web page, to the protocol page which is located in an iframe

  • Check box – Check box all or individual Events to deleted or edited
  • Name – Name of Event

New Session Event

  • API – Choose an API action 
  • Script – Script of event.  For examples, please click here
  • Templates – Provides a template script for:
    • Disable API Call
    • Restrict Command
    • Restrict Users
    • Execute a script

Execute on Webserver Update – Execute this function whenever a session contacts the web server with an update

  • Default Script – Sets the Execute on Webserver Update back to default

Additional Information


Cluster Setup

Database Connections

  • Check box – Select individual, multiple, or all cluster members to be deleted or edited.
  • Url – List of members in the cluster

New Server

  • Url – The url of the cluster member to be added.


  • Advanced
    • Agent Options – Manually add cluster member using JSON.


Cluster Keys

  • Check box – Select individual, multiple, or all server keys to be deleted.
  • Key – List of server keys

Cluster Key

  • New Key – Click button to add secret key
    • Secret Key – Key used for cluster

Secret Key

Client Verification

  • Custom Verify Function – Code client verification
  • Reset – Rests the Custom Verify Function


  • Make this server a gateway server – Check box to use this server as a gateway server. Disables Cluster logins and session starts. Proxy information to session servers
  • Allow user to select server on session start – Check box will set the serverID of the selected session on start. This is only a suggestion. The load balancing script must honor the selection
  • Disable Direct Client Connections – Check box when connection to a session in a cluster, always connect through the gateway. Do not attempt to connect from the client to the session server
  • Require valid SSL certificates for all cluster members – Check box to fail if the SSL certificate is invalid when the session server makes a connection to the gateway server
  • Fatal Error if session connection fails – Check box to fail if the session bridge fails. Useful for debugging

Load Balancing

Load Balancing

  • Check box – Select script to be:
    • Set Default Start Script
    • Unset Default Login Script
    • Delete
    • Edit
      • Name – List of names of scripts.
      • Script – Script used
  • New Script
    • Script Name – Name of script
    • Javascript Function – Script written in Javascript
    • Templates – Templates for:
    • Allowed user on a system
      • Blacklist user
      • Maximum Sessions

Additional Information

Job Scheduling

Templates – Job scheduling templates for:

  • None
  • MOAB
  • LSF
  • Run a random command

Allow HTML in output – By default HTML is escaped. Check this box to allow output to be interpreted by client as HTML

Additional Information



  • Check box – Select individual, multiple, or all metrics to be edited or deleted.
  • Metric – List of metrics
  • Script – Script used for metrics

New Metric

  • Metric – Name of metric
  • Javascript Function – Script for metric written in javascript.

New Metrics

Additional Information




  • Check box – Check box all or individual Theme to be deleted or edited
  • Name – Name of theme
  • Description – Description of theme
  • New Theme
    • General
      • Name – Name of theme
      • Description – Description of theme

    • Branding
      • Logo – Upload logo that will be displayed on login and top left of FastX webpages
      • Tagling – Tagline that will be displayed during login

    • Background – Background image for login and sessions (multiple window mode)
      • Preview – Previews background image
      • Basic
        • Image – Upload image as background
        • Color – Choose background options:
          • Color
          • transparent
          • initial
          • inherit
        • Repeat – How background image will repeat:
          • initial
          • repeat
          • repeat-x
          • repeat-y
          • no-repeat
          • space
          • round
          • inherit
      • Advanced
        • Position – Position of background image
        • Size – Size of background image
        • Origin – Orgin of background image
          • initial
          • padding-box
          • border-box
          • content-box
          • inherit
        • Clip – Clip of background image
          • initial
          • padding-box
          • border-box
          • content-box
          • inherit
        • Attachment – Attachment of background image
          • initial
          • scroll
          • fixed
          • inherit

    • Colors – Color scheme of FastX.  Click on color to edit
      • Primary
      • Secondary
      • Success
      • Danger
      • Warning
      • Info
      • Light
      • Dark

    • Custom – Custom SASS file

Client Settings


  • Default Keyboard Layout – Language of keyboard
  • Default Keyboard Type – Type of keyboard
  • Hide Client Menu – Hides the settings menu. This is useful for integrators who wish to implement their own UI elements.
  • Hide All Dialogs – Hides any dialogs that may appear (usually on disconnect or error). This is useful for integrators who wish to implement their own UI elements.
  • Stop Message Propagation to iframe parent window – Disables messages from propagating to parent windows when client is in an iframe
  • Hide Home button in menu – Hides the home button in the menu
  • Url of the home button – URL location of home button
  • Home button opens in the same window – When clicking the home button, open the url in the same window. This will disconnect the session
  • Attempt to connect when logged out – Attempt to connect even if the user does not have a valid token. This feature does not disable security phase of the connection. Integrators use this feature if they have issued a connect call and already have the security information they need to connect.


Public – Upload a file that everyone can see
Private – Upload a file that the admin can only see
System – Upload a file that only FastX admins can see



  • Disable SSH Authentication – Checking this box disables SSH
  • Theme – Web Login banner theme
    • Default – Default theme
    • Light – White banner
    • Classic – FastX2 banner
    • None – No banner
  • Use Transparent Background – Check box uses transparent background
  • Options
    • Show Server list – Click box to display all available servers to login
    • Use Password Authentication Only – Check box uses only password authentication
    • Disable Public Key Authentication – Check box removes the private key option on login
    • Hide Password Field – Check box removers password option on login

OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect

  • Enable – Check box to enable OpenID Connect
  • Redirect URI: – Set the redirect URI
  • Issuer – Enter issuer
  • Client Id – Enter Client Id
  • Client Secret – Enter Client Secret




  • Users – Add admin by typing the username, hit enter, and then hitting Submit



Opens a terminal to the host



  • Check box – Select all or individual license files which can be reread or deleted by clicking
  • Filename – List of license files

New License – Add new license

  • Activation Key – Enter activation code to register


  • Hostid – FastX automatically pulls the hostid from host.


  • Count – Enter the number of licenses to be registered. By default all is selected.

License Server – Used if a centralized license server is set-up.

  • Hostname – Enter the hostname or IP of centralized license server
  • Port – Port number used to contact centralized license server (Default port 5053)

License Server

License File

  • Choose – Select an existing license file to be uploaded.

License Server

Additional Information

System Logs

System Log
System Log – Displays the log file


  • Web Requests – Check box to log all requests to the server
  • Log –  Check box to log general non essential messages
  • Errors – Check box to log general non essential errors
  • Api Requests – Check box to log API requests
  • Cluster Communication –  Check box to log communication between cluster nodes
  • Api Process – Check box to log results from the api request
  • Link Messages – Check box to log communication between link or session process and the web server
  • WebSocket Connection –  Check box to log Websocket connection
  • WebSocket Messages –  Check box to log messages between the browser and destination
  • Link Authentication – Check box to log authentication phase of link connections
  • Link Netstring – Check box to log low level communication between link or session process and the web server
  • OpenID Connect – Check box to log OpenID Connect


Export Configuration – Check box to export files to be used for new FastX installation

  • Select All – Clicking will check box all options
  • Select None – Clicking with deselect all options