FastX 3 Installation

**Please click here for FastX 2 Installation**


Installing FastX Service

Cluster (Only for users who have a cluster set-up)

After Installation

Technical Support


Installing on RPM Based Systems (Red Hat/SuSE etc)
The following instructions assume an installation in the default /usr directory.  If you would like to install the server in a different location see these instructions

  • Install the server (as root) with the command
  • yum install FastX3-*.rpm

  • Then run the post install script (as root) with the command
  • /usr/lib/fastx/3/

Post Install Script

    • Do you already have a license server on your network? [y/N]
    • Type “Y” if a centralized license server is running
      Type “N” if registering on the installed host

    • Would you like to activate a license now? [Y/n]
    • Type “Y” if registering on installed host (Internet Required)
      Type “N” if not registering on installed host or internet not available

      • Host without internet, users can register:
          • Manually
          • If FastX web services are installed, login into the host through a web browser as admin and go to the admin tools. Under “Tools” then “Licenses“.
    • Install/update the FastX web service? [Y/n]
    • Type “Y” to install or update for FastX web service
      Type “N” to not install or update FastX web service

      • Admin tools and web browser access are only available with FastX web service installed

Upgrading FastX

  • After downloading the FastX Server, use the command
  • yum upgrade FastX3-*.rpm
  • Restart the Fastx Service
  • service fastx restart

Uninstalling FastX

    • To uninstall use the command
  • yum erase FastX3


Installing using RPM in an alternate location
The FastX server rpm supports installs in alternate locations. This is helpful when admins want to install the server in a shared directory, or a specific location for 3rd party applications. In the following example, the FastX server will be installed in /your/base/dir

    • Install the server (as root) with the command
    • rpm -i --prefix=/your/base/dir FastX3-*.rpm

  • ——————————————–

    Installing on Ubuntu/Debian Based Systems

    • If it’s not installed already, install alien with the command
    • sudo apt-get install alien
    • Install the server with the command
    • sudo alien --install --scripts FastX3-*.rpm

    **Note: Multiple installs, use the following command. This will create a .deb file for multiple usage.

    sudo alien --scripts FastX3-*.rpm

    Uinstalling FastX

    • Debian (as root) command
    • dpkg -r fastx3
    • Ubuntu command
    • sudo dpkg -r fastx3


    Additional Information

      • If you want to centrally manage all your licenses see Centralized License Server
      • The web interface is installed as a service and is started at boot.
      • To restart the web service run the command
    • service fastx3 restart