FastX Configuration Directory

FastX stores shared configuration in the database.  This allows configuration changes to be automatically propagated to other systems in a cluster.

Configuration that is private to the local system is stored in the config directory (default /usr/lib/fastx/var/config, set by FX_CONFIG_DIR)


This file holds the information needed to start the web server including port, certificate paths, and other options.  See WWW for more information

This file must be world readable as sessions use this file to attempt to reconnect with the web server


This file holds the information needed to connect to a cluster.  See Clustering for more information


Local settings of the web server


This file updates the database on startup and then renames itself.  This is typically done to update database configuration during installs.  This file does a hard update.  There is no checking if the data is valid.  Once the web server starts up, the override.json file is renamed, so it does not write it again.

Create an override.json file by logging in to the web server as an admin > System > Tools > Export.


When the web server IS NOT running, this file is used to store the bookmarks.

When the web server IS running, this file will put any new bookmarks into the database.  If the bookmark already exists, it will be skipped.


This file is created by the script and sets the initial admins for the database.  If there is already an admin record in the database this file does nothing.  Use the override.json file or the admin-reset tool to reset your admins.


When the web server IS NOT running, this is the profile of the session.

When the web server IS  running, this file is ignored.


Turn on web server debugging options


Sets special variables for launching sessions.  These are the default paths where the session will store session information