FastX Framerate Limiting

By default FastX attempts to run at 60 frames per second (60fps).

For some users on slower networks, performance can be increased by lowering the maximum framerate. The lower framerate increases performance at the expense of smoothness.

To limit the framerate add the -rdpfpslimit n
option to the Xrdp command in /usr/lib/fastx_server/bin/start-agent where n is the framelimit.

For example, to limit the framerate to 30fps

Xrdp ":$DNUM" -rdpfpslimit 30 -auth "$SESSIONDIR/authority" -noreset -screen 0 "$GEOMETRY" -basedir "$SYSDIR/xrdp"
-fp "$SYSDIR/xrdp/fonts/misc/,$SYSDIR/xrdp/fonts/75dpi/,$SYSDIR/xrdp/fonts/100dpi/,$SYSDIR/xrdp/fonts/misc-fixed/"
-xkbdir "$SYSDIR/xrdp/X11/xkb" -xkbcompdir "$SYSDIR/xrdp/bin"
+rdpprimary -rdpport "$RDPPORT" >/dev/null 2>"$SESSIONDIR/server_log" &