FastX on iPad

The FastX Web Client is fully compatible with Safari on iPad.

However due to the nature of the Virtual Keyboard on the iPad, not all buttons can be natively sent across.

The FastX browser client has a virtual keys that you can access in the bottom menu  See FastX Touch Interface

Bluetooth keyboard

The bluetooth keyboard has several limitations due to it not properly sending key events to Safari.

The bluetooth keyboard on iPad does not properly send a keyUp event to Safari.

In order to make the bluetooth keyboard functional, FastX virtualizes key presses and release in one operation
(FastX immediately sends a key up event after the keydown event, so pressing and holding a key is the same as pressing and releasing a key)

In addition, there are several keys on the Bluetooth Keyboard that cannot be natively emulated as the keyboard never sends key events to the browser

These keys include

  • Tab
  • CapsLock
  • Shift
  • Control
  • Option
  • Command
  • Arrow Keys

All these keys can still be accessed via the menu in the touch interface