FastX Utilizing A Standard Authority File Location


Users using a standard authority location such as:



Copy the authority cookie to the default location before invoking the application that ignores the XAUTHORITY environment variable. To do this, run this command:

xauth -"$HOME/.Xauthority" merge "$XAUTHORITY"

How you run that command depends on how you are starting your FastX session. If your FastX session starts an interactive shell, such as an ordinary “xterm” command, then you can put these lines in your $HOME/.bashrc file, or /etc/bashrc to make it happen for all users. (Assuming you are using the standard Linux bash shell. If you are using something else we can find a solution.):

if [ -n "$DISPLAY" -a -n "$XAUTHORITY" -a "$XAUTHORITY" != "$HOME/.Xauthority" ]; then
xauth -f "$HOME/.Xauthority" merge "$XAUTHORITY"

If you are directly invoking your GUI application from a FastX bookmark, then you would prepend the above command in the bookmark command field. For example, let’s say your command is currently “grid”. You would change the bookmark command to:

xauth -f $HOME/.Xauthority merge $XAUTHORITY; grid

If you are invoking the grid engine from a separate shell script, then you should add the lines to your .bashrc file to the beginning of this shell script.