This file is obsolete in 2.2 and later. Use network.json instead

Configuration file that turns FastX into a gateway server when operating in Gateway or Cluster configuration Options include

Array of serverPool json objects. Each serverPool contains the following options

  • name — display name of the serverPool
  • serverKey — shared secret key with the session server

Enable Load Balancing. Current load balancing options supported

  • sessions — load balance based on the lowest number of sessions
  • random — choose a random machine to connect to
  • local — connect directly to the gateway server.

local is used when operating in cluster configuration and you are using an outside load balancing method (such as Round Robin DNS) to choose the proper connection

Secret key that is shared with all gateway machines under the Round Robin DNS hostname. This is used for communication when operating in Cluster Configuration or when you have multiple Gateway Servers (for fault tolerance)

(Optional) Array of hostnames to broadcast to in Cluster Configuration.  This allows you to create a cluster even if you do not have RRDNS set up.  All hosts in this configuration must have the same http port, https port, and broadcastKey

Reject requests to session servers that fail the SSL authentication check (example self-signed certificates, certificate chain failures) default true

Do not attempt to Directly connect to session servers. Instead all communication will be initiated by the session server polling. This will make logging in and connecting take longer. This optio does not effect sessions that are currently connected (default false)

Common name of the Session server’s SSL certificate. Wildcards are accepted. For example “*” will accept any SSL certificate whose common name ends in

Schedule Sessions instead of starting them.  To be used with an external job scheduler

Custom script to execute when schedule is enabled.  Rather than running a start command, this script will be run.  This script is used to call the job scheduler which will then call the FastX start command.