iLIVEx Help

iLIVEx allows you to connect your iPad to a remote Linux/Unix server or workstation and display a full X desktop or an individual X application on your iPad. iLIVEx allows you to create
and start new LIVE sessions on the remote host or connect to LIVE sessions you previously started on a
Windows, Macintosh or Linux workstation.

*Note: Unless otherwise specified, iLIVEx refers to both the iLIVEx (Base) and iLIVEx Pro versions

Input Controls

Use the following controls when working on the X Windows desktop:

3-Finger swipe Bring up Keyboard
1-Finger tap Left Click
1-Finger tap + 1-Finger Press Left Click and hold (moves/drags mouse)
2-Finger tap Right Click
1-Finger Swipe Move Screen (when zoomed)
Pinch in/Pinch Out Zoom In/Zoom Out

Tip: Zoom the window before tapping to click a button in the right place.

* If you use a docking station with keyboard, bring up the iPad keyboard
first with a 3-finger swipe. Then insert the iPad into the docking station and start typing in the X window.

Installing the LIVE Server

In order to connect to your remote Linux/Unix server or workstation, the LIVE Server must be installed on the remote host. Download the LIVEServer component from and install it on your remote system. Operating system specific installation instructions are available on the download page.

* The LIVE Server is already installed on the Free Linux Account provided by StarNet

Creating Connections

To start a new desktop or to connect to an existing LIVE session you need the following:

  • The IP address or host name of the Linux server or workstation
  • A login and password for your account on the Linux server or workstation. StarNet provides iLIVEx customers with a free account on our Linux server. See the Free Linux Account section for more information.

After the LIVE Server component is installed on the Linux host, you are ready to set up your connection to the host.

  1. Click New Connection.
  2. Change the name of the connection from Default to any name you wish to give the connection.
  3. Enter the host IP address or host name in the Host field
  4. Enter your Login in the Login field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. An Unknown Host Key Prompt will be displayed. Accept the Host Key. This only occurs the first time you connect.
  8. Enter your password when prompted
    • Advanced Users can use Open SSH keys.
      1. Copy the OpenSSH Key into your clipboard.
      2. Before pressing connect, Click Import OpenSSH Key.
      3. The key will automatically be copied. You only need to import the key once
  9. You will connect to your remote server where the following options are available.

iLIVEx Base Users

If no instances are running

  1. Click New Instance.
  2. Select your Session Type
    • Select GNOME or KDE to bring up a full desktop
    • Select Firefox to bring up the Firefox web browser by itself
    • Select XTerm to bring up a terminal. From the terminal you can start more X applications

If one or more instances are running

  • the running sessions will be shown.
  • Select the session you want to resume on the iPad.

iLIVEx Pro Users

  • Instances:
    • Currently active instances will be shown. Select the session you want to resume on the iPad.
  • Sessions:
    1. Click New Session to create a new LIVE session on the remote host.
    2. Give the session a name
    3. Select the desktop type (Gnome, KDE, CDE or Other)
      • Other type can be any applucation. Supply the path to the application you wish to run
  • Shadow Instance:
    • Select Shadow Instance if you want to connect to a currently active Shared Session from someone’s desktop
    • A shared instance key is required and provided by the creator of the shared session

Suspending, Resuming and Terminating Instances


Suspending an instance disconnects iLIVEx from the remote system. Suspended instances continue to run on the Linux host until you resume the session from the iPad or from a Windows, Macintosh or Linux workstation. There are several ways to suspend an instance:

  • Bring up the keyboard and press the Exit button to suspend your instance
  • Turn off your iPad or switch to another iPad application.


Resuming instances reconnect iLIVEx to a currently suspended instance on your server.

  • Select a suspended instance and press Resume
  • If an instance is currently in the Running state, click on the instance and first press Suspend. Then click again and press Resume


Terminating an instance closes the remote instance. You will not be able to reconnect to this instance again and you will have to start a brand new instance. To terminate an instance, select the instance and press Terminate

Linux Console

For Linux workstation users, iLIVEx offers an additional remote desktop feature that allows you to redisplay your native Linux desktop and all the applications running on it, onto your iPad. Simply install the LIVE server component on your Linux workstation. When you start up your workstation, at the login prompt, select the Gnome-LIVE or KDE-LIVE desktop interface options.  Now you can suspend your Linux desktop and resume it on the iPad!