Interacting With Sessions (Browser)

Running sessions are shown in the Session Browser


Connecting to a Session

Double Click on the session to connect to it.  The number of active connections is listed in the corner

Disconnecting a Session

Click on the and choose Disconnect from the info section. All currently connected users will be disconnected from the session.  The session will continue to run on the server

Terminating a Session

Click on the terminate button to terminate the session.  The session will exit on the server and any unsaved data will be lost.

Editing a Session

Click on the edit button to edit the session name.

Session Preview

Click on the screenshot in the info section to see a screenshot of the session

Sharing a Session With Other Users

When Offline Sharing is Enabled, Click on the Sharing button to bring up the session sharing dialog.  Sharing allows multiple users to view and interact with the same session.

Check Sharing to enable session sharing.