LIVE Error: QtLockedFile lock No locks available

The LIVE server has been designed to work with mounted directories. However under certain circumstances the LIVE Server will fail with the following error in the $HOME/.nx-servername/rxserver.log file

QtLockedFile::lock(): fcntl: No locks available 16.04.2008 16:01:04.521: Failed to lock the file

This is generally due to the mounted file system either being an AFS system which does not support NFS fiel locking or a misconfigured NFS lockd daemon.

To resolve these locking issues, the LIVE server’s .nx directory can be configured to be placed anywhere on the local system, such as the /tmp directory.

  1. Create or edit the 2 files “LIVE sci.conf” and “LIVE Server.conf” in $HOME/.config/StarNet/
  2. Add the following line in both files ServerDirectory=/tmp/.nx-@HOSTNAME@-@USER@
    Your .nx directory will now be created locally and you will be able to properly create file locks.

Note: the directory can be located anywhere as long as you are not creating it on a networked directory.